Indian Institute of Management Visakhapatnam [IIMV] and Indian Institute of Information Technology, Design and Manufacturing, Kurnool [IIITK], both Institutions of National Importance located in the sunrise state of Andhra Pradesh signed an Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on 19 September 2022 with a mutual desire for cooperation and collaboration aimed at improving, strengthening, and promoting relations between them, to further the realization of their respective objects, in larger public interest.

Through the MOU, the institutions expressed their intent to promote cooperation between their academic members, students, and research groups.

Building on their respective strengths, the Institutions will explore mutually beneficial relationships, including, but not limited to the following endeavours:

  1. Exploring joint programs including academic title granting programs.
  2. Collaborating for resource-sharing, including faculty experts to participate in joint consulting and research projects and as per respective institutional guidelines.
  3. Promoting and encouraging activities of joint research in the fields of common interest.
  4. Collaborating in joint initiatives (e.g., policy-formulation, government-tasks etc.)
  5. Encouraging exchange of academic faculty and researchers.
  6. Any other endeavour of common focus and converging interest.

The MOU was signed by the Director of IIMV Prof. M Chandrasekhar and the Director of IIITK Prof D V L N Somayajulu.

Speaking on the occasion, Prof. Chandrasekhar expressed the hope that partnership will enable them to jointly address capacity-building and applied-research needs of the industry in the areas of expertise of the two institutions.  “The endeavour, to begin with, would be to launch programs that offer a judicious blend of design and manufacturing skills together with production and project management, aimed at industry professionals and practitioners”, he said.

Prof. Somayajulu said, “this initiative is in furtherance of the objectives of the New Education Policy 2020 that encourage collaborative, multi-disciplinary learning. The partnership will help the institutions to jointly address the training and consultancy needs of the industry in the hard skills of manufacturing as well as in the soft and social skills of management, thus providing one-stop solutions that maximize the benefit to the stakeholders”.

The institutions are forming a joint working group to explore and advance opportunities that are current with context and are of contemporaneous interest to the industry.