The Academic Council at IIM, Visakhapatnam is a student elected independent body. It comprises four senior members (one of whom is a representative of the body in the Students' Affairs Council), assisted by one junior member per section from the first-year batch. It acts as the interface between students, faculty, and administration to ensure an atmosphere conducive to learning and enables continuous dialogue and seamless interaction, ensuring two-way feedback between students and faculty. It is the student community's voice in all matters pertaining to academics. It is responsible for taking up Academic Issues with the PGP Chair and closely working with the PGP office in freezing the academic calendar. It ensures that all academic-related logistics (exams, attendance, library) are in place. The Council is responsible for coordinating the electives selection process for the students. This includes identifying courses that are relevant and valuable to the students in the contemporary context and conducting the selection process. Further, it creates an enabling ecosystem to facilitate the students' learning process through the aid of a pool of Subject Representatives. The council also arranges regular interaction sessions for the students with eminent academicians.


Dhakshika Senthil Kumar

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Supriya Mantena

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Sampath Kumar Maturu

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Shanu Shania

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