Prof. Anupama Sharma

Working Paper: Sharma, A. & Nambudiri, R., “The dark side of work engagement outcomes and the moderating role of gender”

Working Paper: Sharma, A. & Tomer, G., “The case of organizational diagnosis in a development authority in India”.

Prof. Neena Pandey

The Impact of Digital Divide on Optimal Sponsored Data Plans Policy, with Manaswini Bhalla and Subhajyoti Bandyopadhyay

Irreversibility of ICANN Network: An Actor Network Based Analysis, with Rahul De’ and M.N. Ravishankar

Legitimacy Perception of Internet Governance Form: An Institutional and Rational Perspective, with Rahul De’

Prof. Saroj Kumar Pani

“Facets of organizational social capital: How network renovation is key to favourable strategic space”, IIMB Working Paper No- 278, 2009.

“Exploring the strategic edge of Corporate Social Responsibility: A process model to uncover the missing links”, IIMB Working Paper No- 283, 2009.

Prof. Asmita Verma

1. Verma, A. and Gurtoo, A. (2021). Governance requirements of an exchange platform – Literature Review. IISc-CSP, Bangalore. https://csp.iisc.ac.in/08B-12-2021. 08B/12/2021. pp. 01-17.
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