Prof.Deepika Gupta Chairperson - CDS

Dear Recruiters,

Greetings from IIM Visakhapatnam!!

The New India vision is powered by its most valuable resources –youth as key stakeholders in building the 21st century India. Our educational models should be designed to empower these minds to work, build, create and generate opportunities for smarter, digital, and internet-based economy. IIM Visakhapatnam (IIMV), set in 2015, is committed in providing high quality programmes to all. IIMV, in its nascent stage, has emerged as preferred destination for students across the country, truly reflecting ‘harmony in diversity’ imprint that echoes Visakhapatnam as ‘The City of Destiny’.

Our flagship Program in Post-Graduation nurtures a culture of applying classroom learnings to complex and challenging settings. The diversity of academic and professional backgrounds of students stimulates advanced and holistic understanding and new approaches for solving real-world problems. The good performance of the students is therefore a natural outcome. The CDS Office and the Placement Committee, supported by faculty and staff, have been instrumental in their efforts in ideal ‘matching’ between the students and the prospective employers.

In the current COVID-19 pandemic that has devasted most of us in our personal and professional lives, our spirits are not dampened. Even in these turbulent environments, it is important to keep ourselves updated with the changing disruptive ecosystems including technological advancements globally. Management education equips us with self-confidence, risk taking appetite, patience, empathy and other skills and capabilities.

Our placement records had been consistently cent percent and in terms of quantum of salary packages, bettering the record of some of the more established IIMs. We always look forward to establishing a mutually beneficial relationship with our industry partners. We welcome opportunities to build strong industry-academia linkages to ensure that our curriculum remains industry relevant where students are exposed to real-world issues that helps us to provide them with experiential learning and facilitate in building leaders of tomorrow.

IIMV has spearheaded itself amongst the new generation IIMs by strategically blending excellence in teaching and training, learning, research, consulting and advisory not only for students but also for working executives, professionals and practitioners across sectors to enhance inclusive, equitable and sustainable national development goals echoing the city that is strategically located admist Eastern Ghats and the coast of Bay of Bengal. The strategic location of the Institute has been instrumental in attracting faculty with strong academic and research credentials from reputed international Institutes as well.

Being an Institute of National Importance under the IIM Act,2017, the Institute has ambitious plans to scale itself up in all realms, scope and specialization, ensuring that such efforts feed into national development goals and be a jewel amongst all IIMs, just as Visakhapatnam is a jewel of the East Coast of India.

We welcome industry including first timers, to help us build strong and long-term relationship of trust, belief, faith and integrity with IIM Visakhapatnam through summers and finals processes.

Thank you !!