(ii)  Official Language ACT, 1963

(iii) Presidential Orders, 1960 

(iv) Official Language Resolution, 1968 

(v) Official Language Policy of the Union 

(vi) Presidential order issued on the recommendations of the Parliamentary Committee on Official Language

(vii) Resolution One - Reorganization of the Central Hindi Committee

Official Language (Hindi) Department

Progressive use of the official language Hindi

The Language Department at the Institute is actively engaged in promoting the implementation of the official language policy of the Government of India, as per the guidelines issued from time to time. SAO (Administration) is responsible for the administrative control of the work related to the progressive use of Hindi, under the supervision of the Chairman (OLIC). The Department is making efforts to promote increased usage of Hindi during the year 2023-2024, in accordance with the annual program issued by the Department of Official Language, Ministry of Home Affairs, for the implementation of the Government's official language policy. All 100+ computers in the Department are equipped with Unicode support for bilingual facilities. Efforts are being made to increase the use of Hindi in correspondence. All officials/employees of the Institute are under training program / being sent for the training to acquire functional knowledge of Hindi. In addition, various effective measures have been taken by the Institute, under the administrative control of the Institute, to promote the progressive use of Hindi. A brief description of the measures taken at the Institute is as follows:

Implementation of Section 3(3) of the Official Languages Act

All documents issued under Section 3(3) of the Official Languages Act, 1963, which pertains to the adherence to the government's official language policy, are being issued in both Hindi and English. A work plan has been prepared based on the inspection points established in the Department to ensure the dispatch of letters in Hindi to the offices of the Central Government located in 'A', 'B', and 'C' categories. Efforts are also being made to increase original correspondence in Hindi with state governments.

Hindi Training

The Institute has prepared a time-bound program to provide ongoing training in Hindi, Hindi script/typing to all its officials/employees. The nominated staff at the Institute will receive Hindi typing training soon. They will be sent for training in the near future.

Reports related to Hindi

Quarterly/annual reports of the Institute have been prepared and sent to the Department of Official Language for review. The received reports have been reviewed by the controlling units and offices under the Ministry of Education.

Annual Program

The annual program for the year 2023-24, issued by the Department of Official Language, has been received and will be implemented at the Institute. https://iimv.ac.in/uploads/Annual_Work_2023-24.pdf

Official Language Implementation Committee (OLIC)

The Official Language Implementation Committee has been constituted in the Department, with the Joint Secretary as the Chairman. This committee reviews the progress made in the use of Hindi in at the Institute based on the quarterly inspection. It provides appropriate recommendations for effective implementation of the official language policy and takes action on the decisions taken in the meetings held at the Institute.

Hindi Day/Hindi Fortnight

Regenerate response to promote the use of Hindi in official work and overcome hesitation among employees, the Department circulated messages from the Honorable Minister of Home Affairs and the Secretary of the Cabinet regarding the increased use of Hindi. Hindi Fortnight was celebrated in the Department from 14th to 28th September 2022, which included various competitions such as Hindi essay writing, Hindi typing, Hindi elocution, Hindi comments and draft writing (separate for Hindi speakers and non-Hindi speakers), Hindi general knowledge, and official language questionnaires. Officials/employees actively participated in these competitions, and a total of 16 prizes were awarded. The prizes were distributed by the Director. During Hindi Fortnight 2022, the prize amounts for the first, second, third, and incentive prizes were increased from the previous year's amounts of Rs. 2,000/-, Rs. 1,500/-  Rs.1,000/- and Rs. 500/- respectively.

Hindi Workshops

To encourage employees to work in Hindi and to perform more tasks in Hindi, the Department organized two Hindi workshops on in the year 2022. The workshops focused on "Filling the Quarterly Progress Report in Hindi" and "Facilities for Working in Hindi on Computers and IT Tools." A total of 39 officials/employees participated in these workshops.  https://iimv.ac.in/gallery/photo-gallery-iim-visakhapatnam-hosts-hindiworkshop

Inspection of Progressive Use of Hindi

In order to monitor the implementation of Hindi in the department, four offices of different public sector under the department were inspected in the last year.

Hindi Division Contact:

Jelani Mohammed
Senior Administrative Officer (Administration)