Indian Institute of Management Visakhapatnam is an Institution of National Importance under the IIM Act 2017. Its overarching goal is to attain standards of global excellence in management, management research and allied areas of knowledge; serving in the process, the cause of inclusive, equitable and sustainable national development goals as enshrined under the Objects of the Act.

True to this mandate, the Institute is focusing on world-class intellectual, infrastructural, and institutional resources, facilitating high-quality teaching-learning processes and research culture. With a vibrant and talented student cohort representing about 21 states of the country and a team of faculty with impeccable teaching and research credentials, the Institute has built a good image and identity for itself in the comity of IIMs, in a relatively short time. Leveraging its multiple strengths, the Institute is all set to scale up its activity profile in scale, scope, and specialization towards greater fulfilment of its objectives, in nature and extent.

We hope you will find our website informative and useful. For feedback and/or to seek any additional information, please do contact us at: info[at]iimv[dot]ac[dot]in