Shri R Chandrasekhar, who has a deep understanding of the issues related to ICT projects implementation in the country, delivered an extremely engaging talk on ‘Leadership Amidst Disruption’ and the role of Digital Technologies in this context. Observing the dominance of VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) across sectors like Technology, Business Practices & Environment, Society, Economics & Policy, he discussed the relevance of Digital Governance trends and its imperatives. He laid emphasis on the accompanying need for Digital Governance in most businesses as well as private and public sector undertakings, defense, exports, and global trade sectors. Evaluating the societal aspects of using technologies, he highlighted new measures like ‘Digital Value to Society’ and contentious issues like fake news, security threats, privacy concerns that are outcomes of profiling.


Shri R Chandrasekhar is the former Secretary of the Department of IT and Department of Telecommunications, GoI and has also served as the President of NASSCOM.


This was the third lecture in the Distinguished Lecture Series organized by the DGM Office.