Prof. PRS Sarma
Chairperson - PGP

Dear Students,

Welcome to the IIM Visakhapatnam, your new learning platform and career springboard!

The Post-Graduate (MBA) Program at IIMV is a rigorous two-year learning journey. It is designed to transform you to be professional managers with strong knowledge of the fundamentals and improved skills for managing the present-day businesses while articulating implementable strategies for the future.

In the first year, you will gain exposure to all the courses of core functional management. A wide choice of electives is available for you to choose from as per your interests, to help you chart your careers. Term-III of the first year and all the three terms in the second-year offer electives. All these courses are uniquely designed by the faculty to prepare you well to accept challenging responsibilities and successfully meet the high expectations of the industry.

The Institute always encourages you to leverage your full potential as managers and/or entrepreneurs and make significant contribution to the industry, society, and the nation at large. The Institute has been successful in this endeavour since inception, on the strength of the enabling role being played by the faculty cohort with impeccable credentials in academics and high-quality research; and commendable experience in and/or engagement with the industry.

IIM Visakhapatnam believes in well-rounded personality development of its students. The Student Affairs Council organizes and facilitates several co- and extra-curricular activities providing you ample opportunities to get associated with, learn about, contribute to, gain from, and feel proud of.

With student clubs and recreational facilities energizing and enlivening the campus life, the student-community has wonderful scope to explore and/or showcase their interests, hobbies, and talents. Networking opportunities with fellow students within and outside the Institute help you gain self-confidence and develop camaraderie with peer groups. The Institute also encourages strongly, socially useful, and productive work as well as community service.

The entire bouquet of learning resources at the Institute, viz., library, computational infrastructure, modern classrooms, powerful wi-fi connectivity across the academic and hostel buildings, facilities and amenities are truly best-in-class and provide an environment conducive to learning outcomes of high impact.

The upcoming, modern, GRIHA Five-Star rated permanent campus, expected to be ready in about a year, will be a landmark BALA (Building-As-Learning-Aid). You will have the opportunity of enjoying the clean and green campus, during your second year at the Institute.

I am sure that your experience at the Institute will be valuable and memorable.