FAQs - Hostel

What are the facilities available at the hostels?

The below list of facilities provided in the Hostel Room: 

  • Bed & Mattress 
  • Study Table & Chair
  • Air Condition (with Remote) facility is regulated by the policy of the institute.
  • Wardrobe 
  • Bookshelf 
  • Pinup Board 
  • White Board 
  • Window Curtains

In addition to the Hostel Rooms facilities there are common facilities are provided by the Institute like the Common Area for the Student’s discussions, RO water, Refrigerator. 

Students are required to make their own arrangements of the following items:

  • Bucket & Mug
  • Bedsheets 
  • Pillow
  • Mosquito Repellent
  • Blanket
  • Wardrobe Cloth Hangers
  • Water Bottle (No plastic) 
  • Additional Curtains (if one wishes) 

The above items can be purchased in Institute’s General Items Store

 For more details visit - https://www.iimv.ac.in/facilities/view/facilities 

All facilities are regulated by institutes policy.

Will the rooms be single or double occupancy rooms?

Single occupancy room or double occupancy room may be allotted based on availability and institutes policy.

What is the process of room allotment?

Rooms will be allotted by the administration on the day of reporting at the Institute. A chit system will be followed to allot the room to each student. A room once allotted will not be changed.

What makes the IIM Visakhapatnam hostels the best hostels?

Single or double sharing Accommodation, good ventilation, GRIHA rating Campus, surrounded with Hills & Ponds, Open GYM facility, Washrooms fitted with modern amenities and separate washrooms for PWD students. Ambience space for Indoor & Outdoor games, recreational activities, SBI & HDFC Banking Facility, 24/7 Security in Girls & Boys Hostels. Uninterrupted 24/7 Power Supply, Water Supply & Internet. 24/7 Primary Health Centre / First Aid for students. Night Canteen & General Items store are available in campus.

Outdoor Games Facility: Cricket Ground, Football Ground, Volleyball Court, Badminton Court, Basketball Court, Squash Court are available.

Indoor Games Facility: Carrom, Chess, Table Tennis, Billiards, Foosball are available.

Can I bring any personal electrical items?

You can bring and use Personal care items like hairdryer, hair straightener, shaving and hair trimming machine in the room. Iron box and Electric Kettle (only for boiling water) will also be allowed to be used inside the room.

However, you CANNOT bring any of the electric items, like water heaters, multipurpose kettles, table fan, table lamp, and electric stove, for your personal use. Use of any such equipment in hostel rooms is strictly prohibited.

Am I allowed to bring my bike/car to the campus?

Only two wheelers are allowed; However, the vehicles will be allowed by the Administration post submission of required documentation. For more information, please contact the Administration Helpdesk.

Are there separate/exclusive hostels for girls?

The hostels have separate blocks/wings/floors identified and reserved for exclusive occupancy by girls. The Institute is proud that it has a good record of diversity (about one-third of students have been girls). In Girls Hostel 24/7 Ladies Security is facilitated.

Are there any Banks available near by the Institute?

Yes, the Institute premises has two nationalised banks like State Bank of India, HDFC Bank.

What are the landmarks for reaching the Institute?

Andhra Pradesh State Regional Transport Office’s Driving Track is the landmark to reach the Institute. Also, you may search for the companies like Avantel, Tekwissen, Sameer.

How far is the Institute located from the various terminal points like the Airport, Railway Station and Bus Station?

Sl. No

Terminal Point

Distance (approx.)

Nearest Bus-stop to the Institute

Bus Routes



40 KM

Gambheeram or Boyapalem bus stop 




Railway Station

25 KM



Bus Station

23 KM


To whom must we reach out in case of any queries related to the Hostel?

The students are advised to reach out to manager-hospitalityfacilities@iimv.ac.in in case of any further queries regarding the Hostel.

What will be the process to be followed on the reporting day at the campus?

The students need to bring a pre-filled original copy of the “Student Undertaking Form”, already shared with them by the Admissions Team, along with a self-attested Aadhar copy.

On the day of the reporting at the Institute:

(i) Student should report to the Administration Desk at the main entrance between 9am to 6pm (1pm to 2pm lunch break) and submit the above-mentioned documents between the above-mentioned timings.

(ii) Students must keep photocopies of all the documents and filled undertaking form ready for submission. Photocopy centre is little far and may or may not be open. 

(iii) The Administration Team will verify the details and proceed with the Hostel Room Chit Selection. No change of room request by the student will be entertained. However, in case of any unavoidable operational issues, if required the administration reserves the right to change the room allotted to the student.

(iv) Upon the allotment of the Hostel room, the students will be allowed into the campus along with his/her luggage with the guests accompanying him/her. During the process of Hostel allocation at the Administration Desk the students are advised to park their vehicle at the entrance premises (own / public).

(v) The vehicles of the students (own / public) will be allowed till the Hostel premises for dropping the luggage only. Post unloading the luggage the vehicles must leave the premises immediately.

(vi) The hostel room will be allocated only on the mandatory submission of the undertaking form along with the requested documents. No leeway in this will be entertained.

Whether the parents are allowed into the Hostel Rooms?

Yes, parents are allowed into the Hostel Rooms, however the following rules will apply:

  • No gents are allowed into the Girls hostel.
  • The parents should leave the Hostel premises immediately the same day within few hours after comfortably settling their ward. 
  • No accommodation is available for the parents at the Institute.

Can my family members / accompanying members avail for the lunch on the day of reporting at the Institute at the Student Mess / Dining Hall?

  • The mess facility is available only for the students and is not available for the family members / accompanying members.
  • However, there are food stalls available across the campus on paid basis which can be availed by the family members / accompanying members.

Do you provide hostel accommodation for married students?

No, IIM Visakhapatnam does not provide family accommodation for married students.

Where are the hostels located?

The hostels are located in the permanent campus of IIM Visakhapatnam.

I am staying at Visakhapatnam. Do I still need to stay in the hostel?

Yes. The PGP program of IIM Visakhapatnam is a full-time residential program.

To whom must we reach out in case of any queries related to the Hostel?

The students are advised to reach out to manager-hospitalityfacilities@iimv.ac.in in case of any further queries regarding the Hostel.