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Prof. M Chandrasekhar
Director, IIM Visakhapatnam

The Digital India Program of MeitY-GOI is the primary catalyst behind the path-breaking digital-transformation of India, instances of which we see, feel and experience, every day. Its pervasiveness and profound impact are a result of the complementing efforts of the central and state governments, industry, and the academia.

There are several citizen- and customer-centric initiatives powered by the many digital tools and apps built on public digital platforms, that have been contributing significantly to the progress of the government and businesses.

In the tough and testing times of the pandemic, digital solutions have been hugely contributing as instruments of welfare and well-being of the citizenry.

This specially designed Program builds those digital capacities. While there might be short-term courses available in the digital domain, this Program is a novel, full-fledged, well-structured, comprehensive, and customized degree offering, in blended-learning mode.

The Program benefits immensely from the continued support of the NeGD (MeitY) and also from the inputs and insights of the Program Advisory Committee that has eminent persons representing policy and practice.

With rigor and relevance as its hallmark, the Program is appropriate for working professionals and practitioners at both strategic and operational levels. It has width and depth of coverage in terms of core and elective subjects equipping the participants with new knowledge and skills in functional management and digital governance.

It is a given that graduates from this Program will lead and catalyse, as champions and agents of change, the success of digital-transformation projects, from conceptualization to commissioning.

In sum, the Program brings value-add to the students and the organizations they represent. Students will find the learning-journey rich and rewarding inasmuch as it enhances their potential for personal and professional growth. Their nominating organizations will have the opportunity of enlarging the footprint and deepening the beneficial impact of digitalization projects for their own benefit as well as for the larger good of their stakeholders, in terms of enhanced efficiency and effectiveness.


Prof. Neena Pandey
Program Chair (PGPDGM), IIM Visakhapatnam

With the successful launch of Post Graduate Programme in Digital Governance and Management (PGP-DGM) in 2019, IIMV is excited to move ahead in its journey to welcome   consecutive batches of the Program leading to a degree of Master of Business Administration (MBA), under the aegis of the National e-Governance Division, Ministry of Electronics and IT, Government of India.

With the advent of digital technologies, businesses and government alike have placed immense faith in the value these technologies bring towards achieving their goal. While organizations are looking to ‘transform’ them using these technologies, the Government of India, with the launch of Digital India, is actively pushing their usage to attain efficient and effective delivery of products and services. Robust implementation of these technologies demands a thorough understanding of the nuances of digital governance by its functionaries. We, at IIMV, envisage the PGP-DGM programme to address this aspect of capacity building.

The carefully curated courses of the programme, along with the international exposure, ensure that the professionals are more than adequately equipped and empowered with knowledge and skill sets to help achieve the dream of New India based on digitalization. The programme envisions significant value that this capacity building programme will add to the businesses, government, and society at large through efficient handling of mission-mode e-Governance initiatives.

Students for the Program will be selected through a rigorous admission process.

The programme would be representative of the intellectual rigor of IIMV. The design of the programme is borne out of a vigorous debate among the domain experts from the government, public, and private sector organizations. As a result, the programme is unique and ‘first-in-class’ in India.

As the Chairperson of the Programme, I am truly convinced that graduates of the PGP-DGM will add tremendous value to their organizations and further contribute to the development of the nation.