Senior Coordinators
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Arzoo Goyal
84472 88469

Vivek Bilung
+91 77490 19458


Zorba, Activities and eSports club of IIM Visakhapatnam contributes to the community of enthusiastic individuals who share common affinity towards recreational activities and gaming. Our aim is to provide an inclusive platform for the students to develop new skill, explore their interest and hobbies & promote fun among the student community. Zorba believes that apart from academics, it is necessary to forge the fun factor in the ecosystem that goes beyond the classroom through collaborative activities that require teamwork, leadership, communication, game strategies and many more managerial skills. Zorba also tends the eSports division hosting various multiplayer games played over PC and mobile bringing out the best of skills and competitive spirit in the virtual realm . Zorba hosts the annual flagship gaming event "Archadia" attracting gamers and enthusiasts across the premier colleges of the nation.