Senior Coordinators

Shivam Shekhar

Kshitij Vishwakarma

Jay Suthar

Ashish Kumar Vaishnav

V-Pod, the podcast series of IIM Visakhapatnam, aims to disseminate knowledge on managerial and educational trends using well-known audio platforms, including Spotify, Apple Podcast, Jio Saavn, and Google Podcasts. In order to promote illuminating interactions among listeners, students, and faculty, the V-Pod team seeks to collaborate with renowned professionals to present opinions, best practices, industry knowledge, and future trends in the fields of finance, product management, holistic and mental well-being, and environment in consumable audio format. With over 90 million podcast listeners worldwide, V-Pod improves the Institution's media presence by releasing regular podcasts with high-quality content to kickstart greater information sharing with the top specialists!