Senior Fund Managers 

Aaron Fernandes

Sanchit Kochhar

The Sunrise Student Investment Fund is the data-driven in-house investment team that carries out research on live market data of multiple time frames and employees' quantitative and qualitative models. The team comprises junior fund managers and senior fund managers who actively manage a portfolio of funds and is responsible for knowledge dissemination through the sector, equity analyst reports, and guest lectures from industry veterans'. Sunrise Investment fund aims to further the IIM Vizag community knowledge in financial markets, asset markets, and personal finance by cultivating and developing a strong culture of investment education in IIM Visakhapatnam real-time experience and give the opportunity to students to apply the PGP quantitative learnings in investment decisions which not only help them in their corporate careers ahead but also in their lives to manage their personal finance well. 
The knowledge transfer takes place as Senior Fund Managers mentor the Junior fund managers alongside faculty guidance which provides an opportunity for students to gain hands-on experience in investment management.