Rs Krithika

Abhishek Hans Raj

Saahitya believes that words are necessary for creation. Just like the primordial ocean that covered the earth's surface long ago—a soupy, swirling liquid in a state of chaos. Inside every person, there was a similar ocean. Only when that ocean was struck by the lightning of words could all of this come into being. Words gave things form so they could rise out of the dark sea. The Literary and Public Speaking Club of the Indian Institute of Management, Visakhapatnam, seeks to foster, promote, and hone communication skills while increasing awareness and building knowledge to improve themselves on multiple levels. The club celebrates the art of public speaking and literature by organising events and creating content in various fields of speaking and writing, suchas novels, poetry, songs, movies, and public speaking. The club is also responsible for organising and promoting TEDxIIMV.