MV Anuradha

MV Anuradha

Associate Professor
Organizational Behaviour & Human Resource Management

Dr. Anuradha has obtained her PhD from XLRI, Jamshedpur. She completed her Master’s degree in Psychology from University of Delhi. Before enrolling for the PhD program, she worked as a counsellor and psychology teacher at a reputed school and has also headed a USAID funded project for education of slum children in Delhi. Dr Anuradha was previously employed with Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai as Assistant Professor in the OB-HRM area. She has taught courses on Organizational Structure, Design & Change, Groups in Organizations, Individual Behaviour within Organizations, Introduction to Empirical Research and Stress Management to MBA and Executive students.  She has published research in various academic journals. She also regularly writes articles on relevant behavioural topics in the popular press. Dr. Anuradha is an active trainer and has provided training to officers in organizations like Indian Oil Corporation; Eisai Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd.; National Academy of Customs, Indirect Taxes and Narcotics; Madras Chambers of Commerce and Industry; Income Tax Department (Vizag); CBSE and TEQIP. Currently she is the Chairperson of the Executive Education Programs at IIM Visakhapatnam.

  • Organizational Structure Design & Change (PGPEx Core, PGP Core, IIM Visakhapatnam)
  • Groups in Organizations (PGP core, Great Lakes Institute of Management)
  • Individual Behaviour in Organizations (PGPEX Core, Great Lakes Institute of Management)
  • Introduction to Functional Management (PGP-Digital Governance Management core 2020, IIM Visakhapatnam)
  • Managerial Competencies and Employee Development (PGP elective, IIM Visakhapatnam)
  • Introduction to Empirical Research (PGP & PGDM Core, Great Lakes Institute of Management)
  • Stress Management (PGDM Core, Great Lakes Institute of Management)


  • Anuradha, M. V., Lakshmi, R. S. & Ghuman, S. (2017). An Assessment of the Influence of the Psychological Consequences of Task Significance on Employee Engagement and Turnover Intentions. South Asian Journal of Management, 24 (3): 62-87.
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  • Invited Speaker for a talk on “Building Effective Organizational Cultures” at Hindustan Shipyard Ltd., Visakhapatnam, in September, 2021.
  • Invited Speaker for a talk on ‘Academic/Research - Ethics and Integrity’ for Phd scholars and faculty of GITAM University in September 2021.
  • Anuradha, M. V. (December, 2020). The need for Emotional Intelligence. Human Capital Magazine.
  • Invited Speaker for a talk on “Psychological Well-Being during the Pandemic” at the University of Science and Technology, Meghalaya in July 2020.
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  • Anuradha, M. V. (April 26, 2019) Four ways to deal with criticism during appraisals like a pro. Timesjobs.com
  • Invited Participant for WILL Open Roundtable on “Balanced Leadership- Men and Women for Business Success” to be held at Ashok Leyland, Chennai on 22nd February, 2019.
  • Anuradha, M. V. (12th December, 2018) Quoted in “Smoothen the rough edges, soften the blow” an article published in The Hindu.
  • Anuradha, M. V. (June, 2018) The Paradox of Change. Human Capital Magazine. 
  • Speaker, The Growth Leadership Conclave and Awards, 20th March, 2018. Organized by Business World at Taj Club House, Chennai.
  • Anuradha, M. V. (November, 2017) Is internship really important while doing an MBA? India Today.in (http://indiatoday.intoday.in/education/story/mba-internship/1/1088390.html )
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  • Anuradha, M. V. (2019). Engagement and Motivation in Business-Schools: Contextualizing the Psychological Needs Perspective to India (With Angelin Vilma) The paper was presented at Academy of Management Conference, to be held on the 9-13th August, 2019 at Boston, MA, USA.
  • Anuradha, M. V. (2016). What am I without my work: Exploring Meaning making at Work. (With E. S. Srinivas) The paper was presented at the 2nd Symposium on Meaningful Work: Prospects for the 21st Century, Auckland University of Technology, Auckland. December 1-2.
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  • Anuradha, M. V. (2009) A relook at the triguna theory and its implications for organizations (With Yamini Krishnan, E. S. Srinivas & P. Venugopal). The paper was presented at the Inaugural Conference of the Indian Academy of Management, Jamshedpur, December 28-30, 2009.


  • IIM B Management Review, 2018; Basic and Applied Social Psychology, 2017, 2018, 2019; Great Lakes Herald, 2014-2015; British Academy of Management Conference, 2019; Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, 2011, 2012, 2017, 2018; Conference of the Indian Academy of Management 2009

  • Indian Oil Corporation- Leadership, Power and Influence; Organizational Change; Acing Interpersonal Interactions; Team Leadership; Talent Leadership
  • Central Board of Secondary Education: Emotional Intelligence for Leaders; Leadership; Power & Influence
  • National Project Implementation Unit (TEQIP III): Personal Branding; Stress Management
  • Eisai Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd.: Leadership; Power and Influence; Leading Teams; Emotional Intelligence for Leaders
  • National Academy of Customs Indirect Taxes and Narcotics (Visakhapatnam): Conflict Management; Leadership Power and Influence
  • Income Tax Officers (Visakhapatnam): Acing Interpersonal Interactions
  • Confederation of Indian Industries (Chennai): Leadership, Power and Influence
  • Hindustan Shipyard Ltd: Leadership, Power & Influence; Team Management
  • Naval Science and Technology Ltd. (DRDO): Groups Dynamics; Power and Politics; Leadership; Conflicts and Negotiations.

Administrative Roles:

  • EEP Chair (2021- present)
  • PGP Chair (2020- 2021)