Asmita Verma

Asmita Verma

Assistant Professor
Economics & Social Sciences

Prof. Asmita Verma holds a PhD degree from IIT Delhi. Prior to joining IIM Visakhapatnam, she worked as Post-Doctoral Research Associate at IISc, Bengaluru.

Her research interests lie in the areas of development economics, health economics, public health, digital health, demography, applied microeconomics, economics of data and internet and the digital economy.

Published Papers in Refereed Journals

1. Women’s experience of post-natal care: A study from Uttarakhand, India (with Paul, S.B.), available in Asian Journal of Women Studies, 2022 DOI: 10.1080/12259276.2021.2023282.

2. Is new born survival influenced by place of delivery? A comparison of home, public sector and private sector deliveries in India (with Cleland, J.), available online in Journal of Biosocial Science, 2021 doi:10.1017/S0021932021000080.

Working Papers

1. Verma, A. and Gurtoo, A. (2021). Governance requirements of an exchange platform – Literature Review. IISc-CSP, Bangalore. https://csp.iisc.ac.in/08B-12-2021. 08B/12/2021. pp. 01-17.


2. Verma, A. and Gurtoo, A. (2021). Evaluating global data policies around non-personal data. IISc-CSP, Bangalore. 09B/10/2021. https://csp.iisc.ac.in/09B-10-2021. pp. 01-27.

Selected Papers Under Review

1. Excess neonatal mortality among private facility births in rural India: a demographic analysis of a nationally representative survey (with Coffey, D., Srivastav, N, Priya, A., Kumar, A. and Spears, D.), 2021


2. Characterising the Indian Health System, 2021

Work In Progress

1. Does maternal employment affect child health outcomes? (with Goyal, A), 2022


2. Religion and Son Preference in Jammu and Kashmir (with Vasudev, C), 2022