Executive Professional Course in Business Analytics & Data Driven Decision Making

Online Classes - Weekend Class. Program Duration: 5 Months


Online Classes - Weekend Class

Program Duration: 5 Months

Program Overview: IIM Visakhapatnam’s Business Analytics & Data Driven Decision Making Certification Course is designed to equip professionals with the knowledge and skills required to excel in the field of business data analytics. The program focuses on both theoretical concepts and practical applications of analytics in various business domains.

The course provides participants with a deep understanding of the nature of business data analytics, and a practical toolkit on how to transform internal (in-house) and external big datasets into business assets. Our focus is on exploring and exploiting different strategic and tactical frameworks to generate business value from in-house and external big data sets for increasing competitiveness in the local and global marketplaces.

After having attended this course, you will gain knowledge about three specific aspects of business data analytics (a) the three paradigms for generating competitive advantages and business value from new technologies, (b) the strategic framework for transforming big data sets into business assets by creating meaningful facts, actionable insights.

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