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The Post Graduate Program for Experienced Professionals (PGPEx) leading to the award of MBA degree offered by IIM Visakhapatnam is a Non-residential weekend program. The PGPEx is an excellent opportunity for experienced professionals located in and around the City of Visakhapatnam to excel in their career. The Program (2022-24) is scheduled to commence from June 2022.

Program Highlights

  • Value-added Course Pack (25 courses). Courses are divided into 6 Terms.
  • Capstone Project (implementing classroom learnings at workplace)
  • International immersion program (Optional).
  • IIM Visakhapatnam Alumni Status


Program Objective

The overarching goal of the Program is to help the participants enhance their managerial competencies and leadership skills for professional growth and development; and through that advanced learning, contribute more effectively to their organizations.

The specific objectives of the Program are to help the participants:

  • Understand the demands and challenges of modern business organizations;
  • Enhance knowledge in functional management domains;
  • Sharpen skills in diagnostic, analytical and decision-making tools and techniques;
  • Contribute to organizational development with greater competence and confidence.