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The Program is spread over 4 Semesters of 5 months each. It is a blended-learning model with a judicious combination of traditional and virtual class-room modes. This is in tune with the importance and rising trend of such (on-line) programs being offered by educational institutions nationally and internationally. Blended-mode of course-delivery addresses the constraints of working professionals in having to be away from work for extended durations of time, typically necessitated by fully on-campus, residential programs.

The Program is designed for an immersive and active learning experience for participants. The selected candidates will be required to complete the 'Domestic component' as well as the 'International component' of about 2 weeks at an international institution/university.

In addition, participants would be required to carry out a Capstone Project of practical importance, with potential for implementation in the Digital Governance & Management space.

Structure of the Program:


Program Hours:
Semester On-Campus Hours
Off-Campus Hours
Off-line Learning Hours

On-line Learning Hours (at respective locations of work)

Number of Weekends
available for
Online Classroom
Weekend Hours
1 70 - 16 140
2 70 - 17 160
3 70


(Field Trip)
16 150
4 -

Intl. Immersion (60) +
Capstone Proj. (140)

(Guidance/mentoring support from experts from academia,
industry and government)
5 210 210   450

Total duration of participant-engagement in the Program : 870 Hours.

Semester Description Duration

(20 weeks)

On-campus Orientation 0.5 week
On-campus Learning 2.5 weeks
Off-campus: Online Learning 16 weeks
Assessment: On-campus 1 week
(20 weeks)
On-campus Learning 2 weeks
Off-campus: Online Learning 17 weeks
Assessment: On-campus 1 week
(20 weeks)
On-campus Learning 2 weeks
Field Visits: Off-Campus 1 week
Off-campus: Online Learning 16 weeks
Assessment: On-campus 1 week
(20 weeks)
On-campus briefing & project-guidance 1 week
Off-campus: International Immersion 2 weeks
Off-campus: Mentor-guided Project-work 16 weeks
Final Assessment: On-campus 1 week
Summary On-campus Duration (5 visits) 12 weeks
Field Visits/International Immersion 3 weeks
Off-campus Duration (at respective places) 65 weeks
Total  80 weeks

Each Semester will have a stock-taking and goal-setting exercise involving review of learning-experiences and planning for the next Semester.


The Program would provide an immersive and active learning experience to the participants. The courses (Core and Elective) will have a judicious blend of learning modes such as class-room discussions, tutorials, workshops, group work, case study analyses, simulation games, industry-interaction and outreach activities.

The purpose is to equip the participants with new knowledge and skillsets for successfully steering digital governance programs and projects, from conceptualization to commissioning. The learning environment provided by the resource persons for the Program, carefully drawn from academia, industry and government, would be conducive to experience-sharing, knowledge-exchange and best-practice-dissemination.

Learning impact would be evaluated through examinations, quizzes, group and individual assignments; minor and major exams and capstone project.

List of Courses:

Sl. No

Core Courses



Digital Governance – Context, Concepts & Applications



Foundations of Functional Management - I



Communication & Leadership Skills



Introduction to Sectoral Management (Smart City & Smart Transportation, Agriculture &
Water Resources, Education & Skill Development, Healthcare & Nutrition, Financial



Macro Economics & Public Finance Management



Quantitative Methods & Techniques



Introduction to Digital Architecture



Foundations of Functional Management - II



Design & Realization of Large-Scale Digital Transformations



Social, Legal & Ethical Aspects of Digital Technologies



Information and Data Security (Digital Risk Management)



Management of Large-Scale Digital Transformations


13. Business Process Re-Engineering and Change Management  3


Design and Management of Multi-sided Digital Platforms



Case Analysis and Development of Digital Transformation Projects


 Sl.No. Electives (any 6)  Credits


Data Science for Decision Making



Leadership Skills for Digital Transformations


Public-Private Partnership in e-governance projects


Cybersecurity & Data Governance


Research Methodology


Foundations & Applications of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

7. Foundations & Applications of Latest Technologies: Blockchain, Telematics & SMACI
8. ICTs For Development
9. Digital Marketing: Techniques & Trends
10. Simulations for Business Decision Making
 Sl.No.  Workshops/Field Visits/International Immersion/Capstone Project  Credits
1. Domestic Field Visit to showcase Digital Governance Applications and Best Practices  1
2. International Immersion (2 weeks)  6
3.  Capstone Project (4 months)  14


2 Workshops on themes such as Project Management, Business/Project Plan Preparation,
Data Analytics etc. held on weekends (one credit each)



Total Credits 



Total Hours 


Courses are subject to change / customization. Some of the above courses may be offered as Electives.

Each Course will have well-defined learning objectives and outcomes, andragogy to be adopted, session plan with specified readings and cases and evaluation scheme. The course pack will comprise textbook(s), reading material and case studies.

International Immersion:

International Immersion is a two-week learning-journey to an advanced country, to showcase to the participants, best practices in Digital Governance & Management. In their interaction with the domain experts in the destination country, both in the classroom and in the field, participants would be able to comprehend and appreciate the nuances of successful commissioning of digitalization programs and projects for increased efficiency of processes and improved effectiveness of outcomes. They would gain exposure to how digital technologies help transcend silo- approaches and integrate all the stakeholders in positioning innovative solutions for enhanced user-experience. Participants would also be able to witness ecosystems of Digital Governance that are a symbiosis of infrastructure, technologies, policies and change management for participatory user-engagement and targeted service delivery.

Arrangements such as travel by economy-class (Visakhapatnam-Foreign Destination-Visakhapatnam), accommodation (single-occupancy), food, local transport etc. will be made by IIMV through the collaborating institution. Participants will not be permitted to:

  1. make their own arrangements of stay during the Program component abroad;
  2. alter their travel class, travel plans/dates and/or travel routes;
  3. seek any addition/change/upgrade in facilities, amenities or arrangements, being provided commonly/uniformly to all the participants.
Capstone Project:

In the 4th Semester, participants would be required to work under the joint guidance of a faculty member (IIMV) and a Nodal Officer/Mentor (at the workplace), on a Capstone Project, by choosing an appropriate theme on Digital Governance & Management, as may be approved by their nominating authorities and IIMV. The project will be evaluated jointly by the authorities concerned, along with external experts.

For participants who are from private sector and/or self-employed, if so desired by the participants, IIM Visakhapatnam would, in consultation with an apex industry association, suggest modalities of carrying out the Capstone Project.

Criteria and Eligibility for Award of the Academic Title:

MBA degree in Digital Governance & Management would be awarded to the qualifying participants in accordance with the ordinances of the Academic Council of IIM Visakhapatnam (under the IIM Act 2017).

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