PGPEx Students visited the facilities of “Boat Building Yard (BBY) of Kakinada smart city corporation Limited
PGPEx Students visited the facilities of “Boat Building Yard (BBY) of Kakinada smart city corporation Limited


The second-year PGPEx students from IIM Visakhapatnam's Project Management (PM) course visited the Boat Building Yard (BBY) of Kakinada Smart City Corporation Limited for a study tour on August 9, 2022. The BBY-Project intends to meet the fishermen's community's need for a global facility for boat building and repairing. Both activities can be conducted under a single roof. The project included Pre-Engineered Building (PEB) Sheds and a Compound Wall. With the provision of other amenities, BBY segregates the building of large and small boats. Within the compound, shops provide the necessary spare parts and building materials to construct and repair the boats.

The purpose of the visit was to understand and assimilate classroom learning on various Project Management-related issues, as well as to learn from real-world multidisciplinary project management practises, so that resources are optimally utilised within stipulated cost and time constraints, even in the face of multiple "black swan" events.

Along with Professors PRS Sarma and Aalok Kumar, PGPEx students toured the Command Control Centre of Kakinada Smart City and the Boat Building Yard. During in-depth discussions with the project management team of the Kakinada smart city corporation Limited on the issues/challenges encountered during the project's execution, students gained a number of insights.

It was a great opportunity to gain a practical understanding of the actions leading from "concept to completion" of projects as a vital aspect of Project Management in this age of digital disruptions and increasingly undetectable failure modes. The practical knowledge has strengthened the classroom discussions.

This visit was a requirement for the Project Management course, and it was productive and beneficial.  The PGPEx Project Management Course students thanked Prof. PRS Sarma for taking the initiative and arranging the visit.