Product development is a core managerial activity for most companies from multinational corporations to thriving startups. The New Product development planning policies, processes, and structures vary considerably across industries and organisations. Factors that contribute to new product development and its success include a thorough understanding of customer’s needs and wants the competitive situations, and the market dynamics, appropriate concept development, and commercialization.

The New Product Development and Marketing Strategy program aims to offer advanced understanding and develop the right expertise for competitive market dynamics, new product development, product strategy and management, commercialization strategy, designing effective marketing plan, and sustainable marketing strategy. The course will be delivered in six modules and all modules aim to train participants so that they can confidently analyze the competitive market dynamics and develop the right product for the customers.

This certification program offers an industry-aligned curriculum designed to impart knowledge and skills. It will be delivered by IIM faculty in collaboration with expert trainers from the industry. Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to understand the nature and importance of new products, learn different models of guiding new product success, learn the concepts of product design and testing, understand the tenets of product strategy, understand the complexity of marketing environments, explore how to understand customer needs and offer customized solutions, learn how to acquire new customers and retain existing customers, learning product positioning, and effective marketing and sales strategy.

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