Vigilance Awareness Week observed at IIM Visakhapatnam

As per the instruction of the Central Vigilance Commission, Vigilance Awareness Week was observed at IIM Visakhapatnam from October 31 to November 05, 2016. The theme for this year was ‘Public participation in promoting integrity and eradicating corruption’. As part of this initiative, among the outreach activities, a banner was displayed at the institute throughout the week, to bring focus on the theme and create more awareness among the general public at the campus premises.

Internal e-mail circulation was also done among the students and staff of the institute on November 02, 2016 requesting them to take the e-pledge on

A sensitization talk and integrity pledge-taking were conducted. Staff and students participated enthusiastically, sharing their own experiences in life. The students suggested various means of good governance and its way forward. The staff shared their experiences in work life in terms of integrity, transparency and various other best practices to eradicate corruption from all walks of life.

Students and staff take part in the integrity pledge-taking ceremony

G Janaki Ramachandram, Head - Academic Programmes and Administration, shares her own experiences on transparency and integrity

A PGP1 student recalls lessons learnt from his mother on corruption

A PGP1 student shares his experiences during the event

Sayikrishna Raju, Project Manager - Infrastructure speaks on different aspects of corruption in various professions

A group of students during the sensitization talk

Uma Gandhi, Manager - F & A sensitizing the IIMV community on statutory compliance requirements of an organization