Programme – PGP

Post Graduate Programme in Management

The two-year, full-time, residential Post Graduate Programme, leading up to Post Graduate Diploma in Management, is designed to equip students to take on leadership roles in a rapidly changing global scenario.

With three terms in a year and summer internship on completion of first year, the Programme lays foundation for conceptual and analytical reasoning, and gives students an insight into the dynamics of the business enviroment. Guest lectures, by various academicians, industrialists, and eminent personalities, also enrich student experience.

Courses are delivered and evaluated through a combination of lectures, classroom discussions, case studies, individual and group projects, term papers, role plays, business games etc.

Core Courses

The first-year students are exposed to basic concepts in the areas of Behavioural Sciences, Economics, Finance & Accounting, Marketing, Quantitative Methods & Information Systems, Operations, Public Policy, and Strategy, through the 'core courses'. These compulsory courses are aimed to develop problem-solving skills and lay foundation for all the functional areas of management.

During the first year, a student is required to do 41 core credits and 9 elective credits. The term-wise course details are given in the table below.

Term 1 Term 2 Term 3
Financial Accounting (3 credits) Prof. Jayanthi Iyer Competition & Strategy (3 credits) Prof. Chirantan Chatterjee Business, Government & Society (3 credits) Prof. Arnab Mukherji, Prof. Deepak Malghan & Prof. M S Sriram
Managerial Communication-I (2 credits) Prof. M S Rajagopalan Corporate Finance (3 credits) Prof. M Jayadev Management Accounting (2 credits) Prof. M S Narasimhan
Managerial Economics (3 credits) Prof. V Ranganathan Macro-Economic Environment (3 credits) Prof. V Ranganathan Managing People and Performance in Organisations (3 credits) Prof. Sari S A Mattila
Marketing Management (3 credits) Prof. Preeti Krishnan Lyndem Managerial Communication-II (1 credit) Prof. M S Rajagopalan Electives
Operations Management (3 credits) Prof. L S Murty Managing Organisations (3 credits) Prof. Sourav Mukherji & Prof. V Anand Ram Corporate Strategy (3 credits) Prof. Sai Yayavaram
Quantitative Methods-I (3 credits) Prof. V Nagadevara Quantitative Methods-II (3 credits) Prof. Ishwar Murthy Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation (3 credits) Prof. Suresh Bhagavatula
Information Systems: Organizational and Personal Productivity (3 credits) Prof. Rajendra K Bandi
Investments (3 credits) Prof. M S Narasimhan
Research for Marketing Decisions (3 credits) Prof. Suresh Ramadurai


In addition to core courses, students also get to choose courses from a list of electives which enable them to get in-depth knowledge. There is greater emphasis on the application of knowledge gained through projects, group exercises and case discussions.

IIMV provides an opportunity to select electives in the first year in Term 3. In the second year, students are required to do a minimum of 45 elective credits. The list of elective courses offered will be released later.

Note: The numbers in the parentheses refer to the credits for the course.