IIMV welcomes its second batch of 55 students

21 JULY, VISAKHAPATNAM: “Life at an IIM does not consist only of academic lessons but overall development,” remarked Srinivas Koppolu, MD and CEO, Tata Business Support Services Ltd., welcoming the second batch of 55 students to IIM Visakhapatnam on July 18, 2016.

An alumnus of IIM Bangalore, the mentor school for IIM Visakhapatnam, Srinivas Koppolu said the highlight of the two years he spent at IIMB was the connection forged with his peers. “You will learn from your seniors and from one another. Life lessons on self confidence and time management are what I value greatly and I learnt them during my time at IIM Bangalore,” he added.

Prof. Rajendra Bandi, Chairperson, Admissions & Financial Aid, IIM Bangalore, presented the statistics of the incoming batch at IIMV. The batch consists of 55 students, 13 of whom are girls. It is predominantly an engineering batch with 52 out of the 55 candidates belonging to the engineering domain; twelve of them from the IITs/ NITs. One student comes from the commerce domain and two from management. The batch represents students from about 20 states. The average work experience of the batch is about 23 months and average age, 24 years.

Earlier in the day, Director Incharge of IIM Bangalore Prof. Raghavan Srinivasan welcomed Srinivas Koppolu, MD and CEO, Tata Business Support Services Ltd. Prof. Ishwar Murthy, Dean, Faculty, IIMB, and Prof. L S Murty, PGP Chariperson and Nodal Officer, IIMV, were also present on the occasion.

To recognise academic excellence among students in the first year of PGP 2015-17 batch, those securing the first position in each of the three terms were awarded the Merit Certificate and the top 5% of the batch were awarded the Director’s Merit Certificate.  The system of felicitating senior batch students in the presence of the first-year students is adopted to motivate the incoming batch.

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