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      VINDEX: The Knowledge Series

         4 SEPTEMBER

      IIMV hosted VINDEX - the Knowledge Series, organized by Spardha - the Competition Society, during
      which the winners of various Case Study Competitions address students and share their perspectives on
      how to analyse, and formulate a winning strategy for case study competitions. The speaker for the third
      episode, Mr. Vikas Patel, Manager Strategy and Business Design at Deloitte, addressed the students on the

      topic, ‘Unlocking the Secret to Success in the Case Competitions and Problem Solving’.

         23 OCTOBER

      For next episode of VINDEX, Mr. Arpit Gupta, Associate Solution Leader - Marketing at Brane Enterprises
      Pvt Ltd., and Mr. Kunal Kashyap, Associate Manager at Factspan Inc., shared their insights on the topic
      ‘Balancing Business Studies and Business Competition’.

                                           IIMV Dialogues
                                              15 NOVEMBER

                                          IIMV hosted the second episode of IIMV Dialogues – an eminent series
                                          by Sahitya - the Public Speaking and Literary Club and was delighted
                                          to have Leaders from Girl Power talk, Mr. Sameer Somal, CEO &
                                          Co-Founder, Blue Ocean Global Technology, and associates, Ms.
                                          Chipiwa Mukono, Miss Rachita Sharma, and Miss Sreya Layek. The
                                          panel, through experiences and stories of people at Girl Power talk,

                                          discussed themes such as ‘How we can identify our passion, connect
                                          with it, commit to it & pursue it?, ‘How can we connect creativity &
                                          purpose, develop and nurture our creativity?, ‘How should we prioritize
      our happiness & stay productive at the same time?, and ‘How to make that first impression when we
      meet someone and be emotionally intelligent?’. Staying true to the name of the event, students of IIMV
      made the sessions interactive and engaged in a dialogue with the panellists.

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