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      Webinar on ‘Hybrid methodology for Evolving Strategies to Improve the Relative
      E ciencies in Banking Sector’

         5 SEPTEMBER

      On Teachers’ Day 2021, the Interdisciplinary Decision
      Science & Analytics Lab (IDeAL) at IIM Visakhapatnam
      organized a webinar on the topic ‘Hybrid methodology for
      Evolving Strategies to Improve the Relative Efficiencies in

      Banking Sector’. The webinar was conducted by Prof. V
      Nagadevara, former Dean and Director (i/c) of IIMB and
      Chair, Faculty Development & Evaluation Committee of
      IIMV. Prof. Nagadevara spoke on the relative efficiencies
      of nationalized, foreign, and private banks operating in
      On Teachers’ Day 2021, the Interdisciplinary Decision  India, and the possible factors which lead to the
      efficient functioning of banks.Prof. M. Chandrasekhar, Director, IIMV, and Prof. Shivshanker Singh Patel,
      Head – IDeAL, also addressed the virtual audience.

       IIM Vyakhyan

          18 & 25 SEPTEMBER
       The Corporate Relations and Placement Committee of IIMV hosted the second episode of the online series
       of webinars and lectures, ‘IIM Vyakhyan’. These sessions allow students to delve deeper into the business
       world and understand current advancements from exemplary industry leaders. Mr. Sumit Neogi, HR
       Director for South Asia & Middle East at The Lubrizol Corporation was the guest speaker for the second

       episode on 18 September and he spoke about ‘Upskilling – Significance, and Importance for MBA
       Students’. For the third episode hosted on 25 September, Mr. Chetan Walunj, CEO and Founder of Repos,
       and Mrs. Aditi Bhosale-Walunj, Co-founder of Repos were the guest speakers who delivered an
       engrossing talk on the topic ‘From Redefining the Fuel Distribution to a New Course on Entrepreneurship
       for MBA Students - Repos: Fuelled by Yes’.

                 MR SUMIT NEOGI                   MR CHETAN WALUNJ             MRS ADITI BHOSALE WALUNJ
                  HR DIRECTOR                       CEO & FOUNDER                       C0 FOUNDER
              THE LUBRIZOL CORPRATION                 REPOS ENERGY                       REPOS ENERGY

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