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       creation were then discussed. The panellists also reviewed topics such
       as invasive personalization, increased authenticity, and consumer
       orientation. They further highlighted the positives and negatives of

       data acquisition and the importance of understanding the consumers’
       insights at the micro-level.

       The much-awaited keynote session commenced with a welcome note
       by Prof. Kalyan Kolukuluri, faculty IIMV (Economics & Social Sciences
       area), where he detailed the impact of the pandemic on the health

       care system. He also spoke about the relevance of the 20-80 rule to
       manage the required logistics.Shri. G.S Naveen Kumar, I.A.S, Special
       Secretary (Health, Medical & Family Welfare Dept., Govt. of AP)),
       delivered the Keynote session on ‘Creating a Robust Healthcare
       System in the post-COIVD 19 Scenario’. He highlighted the
       importance of six critical factors of health, last-mile infrastructure in

       YSR Health Clinic Projects, and stressed the need to brace ourselves
       in the event of any such inevitable future disruptions by adapting
       from previous shortcomings. He was championing the cause of health
       care management and talked about the importance of creating
       awareness about health care in the public. He also stressed on the
       need to foster PPP (Public-Private Partnerships) in healthcare
       management systems and how predictive analytics and genome

       sequencing enhance and assist the health care sector.

                                           The second day of Colloquium 2021 transcended into the world of
                                           finance. In his inaugural address, Prof. Prince Doliya, faculty IIMV
                                           (Finance & Accounting area), shared his views on the growing
                                           financial literacy amongst the general public, the volatility in the stock
                                           market, and the rising investment in IPOs. The topic for the panel
                                           discussion was ‘Mobilizing Savings to Investments’ and the esteemed

                                           panellists were Mr. Vikaas M Sachdeva, CEO at EMKAY Investment
                                           Managers Ltd.; Anil Ghelani, Sr. VP at DSP Mutual Fund, and Abhishek
                                           Bisen, Sr. VP and Fund Manager - Fixed Income at Kotak Mutual Fund
                                           with Anuj Suneja, Equity Analyst at ICICI Prudential Life Insurance
                                           Company Ltd. handling the role of a Moderator. The panellists

       discussed related themes such asinvestments in equity and fixed income and gave an in-depth analysis of
       the working of a capital market. They talked about positive reception in the stock market post the
       pandemic. What ensued further was a healthy discussion on different view points about fixed income and
       equity investments as an important component when it comes to asset allocation in a portfolio. Analytical
       opinions about savings in India being very high and how incentivizing people can shift their traditional
       views on investments were raised during this session. The panellists also discussed gold as an investment

       option and the relevance of liquidity when there are disruptions in the financial market.

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