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      PGP-DGM ‘Distinguished Lecture Series‘

         18 SEPTEMBER
       Shri V Srinivas, Additional Secretary, Department of Administrative
       Reforms and Public Grievances, Government of India and

       Director-General, National Centre for Good Governance, was invited
       for the Post Graduate Program in Digital Governance and
       Management (PGP-DGM) ‘Distinguished Lecture Series’. In his
       lecture, centred around the topic ‘Transforming Our Future: Public
       Policy Solutions for Improving Quality of Life’, Shri V Srinivas spoke
       about building digital institutions, while sharing illustrations from the

       many projects he has been involved in, such as the Digital AIIMS,
       e-Office, or CPGRAMS. He elucidated the digital transformations in India’s governance models between
       2014 and 2021 and emphasized the need for developing digital interfaces providing for increased ease of
       living, greater transparency, and improved quality of governance. PGP-DGM participants, and faculty
       members of the Institute attended this virtual event. The PGP-DGM ‘Distinguished Lecture Series’ is a

       hallmark of IIMV’s PGP-DGM program and complements the in-class learning of students with
       knowledge-sharing by distinguished personalities with extensive experience in the field of Digital
       Governance and Management.

       Research talk on Business Data Analytics
          29 OCTOBER

       Dr. Ravi Vatrapu, Professor at Ryerson University, Canada,
       delivered a research talk on ‘Business Data Analytics: Transforming

       Big Data Sets into Business Assets’ where he discussed how
       researchers may generate business value from in-house and open
       big data sets and explicated the paradigms for developing
       competitive advantages and business value from new
       technologies.Commenting on his takeaway from the program, Prof.
       Vinay Yadav, faculty IIMV (Decision Sciences area), said, “The talk
       was quite interesting. Through various case studies and illustrated
       examples, we learned many things relating to another country’s policies, decision-making strategies, their

       type of regulation and efficiency, data analytics, and approaches to qualitative research”. Faculty,
       students, and Ph.D. participants from IIMV were present for this talk.

       Vaktavya - Leadership Talks 2.0

       IIM V organized ‘Vaktavya’ – a series of leadership talks to offer its students a platform to listen to and
       interact with experts and the best minds from the industry. A total of thirteen episodes of this edition were
       hosted between September and December 2021.

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