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       The second panel discussion on day 2 was on the theme ‘Reimagining
       and Restructuring Supply Chain in The New Era’. Delivering the
       welcome note, Prof. Aalok Kumar, faculty IIMV (Production &
       Operations Management area), shared his views on reshaping supply
       chain management and introduced the ‘Star model’. The esteemed

       panellists for this session were Mr. Aniruddh Srivastava, Head of
       Demand and Supply Planning at Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd.; Mr.
       Abhay Srivastava, President Operations at Mankind Pharma Ltd.; Mr.
       Ramkesh Jangra, Head of Supply Chain at Ericsson, and Mr. Ashish
       Tripathi, General Manager, Strategic Sourcing, Logistics & Agency at
       TORM. Mr. Abhinav Sinha, Head of Control Tower & Supply Operations Africa-India-Middle East at

       Michelin, was the moderator for this session. The session started with a brief discussion on top innovations
       which had revolutionized supply chain. There was an incipient view that the supply chain has become
       more matrix-shaped over shadowing the linear structure. The panellists then discussed how visibility and
       transparency had become a mandate in the modern supply chain. The panel also vouched for good
       mathematical and statistical tools which can improve the process of supply chain management. The
       students were then introduced to the emerging quality issues by citing real-life examples of AI prediction in
       the supply chain.

       This virtual event witnessed active participation of students in large numbers from various B-schools,
       along side the students and faculty members from the IIMV.



      IIMV & NUBS Research Roundtable

         15 SEPTEMBER

       IIM Vishakhapatnam and Nottingham University
       Business School (NUBS – Malaysia Campus)
       organized a virtual research roundtable on the
       central theme ‘Sustainability in Business’. As
       signatories of United Nation’s PRME (Principles for

       Responsible Management Education), both IIMV
       and NUBS are encouraged to conduct research and involve in knowledge exchange on topics related to
       Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability. The objective of this research roundtable was to share
       research insights and develop linkages with peers in these two institutions. Prof. M. Chandrasekhar,
       Director, IIMV, and Dr. Andy Chan, Vice-Prost RKE, NUBS, gave the opening remarks and noted the
       common research areas of interest. They emphasized on the importance of collaborative research work
       that can be undertaken by both the institutions. Dr. Lauc C. K, Dean NUBS, gave the closing remarks for
       this event

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