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       Shankar, A., Jebarajakirthy, C., Nayal, P.,   This study aims to systematically review the extant literature on online

       Maseeh, H. I., Kumar, A., & Sivapalan, A.   food delivery. The literature on online food delivery is synthesized in terms
       (2022). Online food delivery:               of theories, contexts, methods adopted, and analytical techniques used.

       A systematic synthesis of literature        The literature review suggests that online food delivery research has
       and framework development.                  transitioned from website-based food delivery to online to offline, mobile

       International Journal of Hospitality        application-based food delivery, and drone-based food delivery. Further,

       Management, 104, 103240.                    based on the synthesis, we have developed a conceptual framework
                                                   that shows the frequently reported antecedents, mediators, moderators,
                                                   and consequences in online food delivery literature. Moreover, by

                                                   identifying  overlooked  areas  of  online  food  delivery  research,  some
                                                   insightful  future  research  directions  have  been  proposed  to  further

                                                   advance this research domain. This review contributes to the hospitality
                                                   literature, specifically to the food delivery literature.

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