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                                                   Anshu, K., Shankar, A., Behl, A., Pereira, V., & Laker, B. (2022).
                                                   Impact of barriers of value co-creation on consumers’

                                                   innovation resistance behavior: Investigating the

                                                   moderation role of the DART model. Technological
                                                   Forecasting and Social Change, 184, 122.

                                                   This study investigates the influence of barriers to value co-creation
                                                   (VCC) on consumers’ resistance behavior in the online B2C retailing
                                                   context.  The  study  also  examines  the  moderation  effect  of  the
                                                   dimensions of the DART model, such as dialogue, accessibility,
                                                   risk, and transparency. Structural equation modeling and Process
                                                   macro were applied to analyze 524 responses collected through an
                                                   online  questionnaire.  The  study  found  inertia,  perceived  complexity,
                                                   perceived risk, and perceived justice as crucial barriers. The dialogue,
                                                   accessibility, risk assessment, and transparency were found to be
     Kapoor, A., Sindwani, R., Goel, M.,           crucial moderators. This study enriches the consumers’ resistance

     & Shankar, A. (2022). Mobile wallet           behavior literature. The study findings help marketers develop
                                                   strategies to enhance value co-creation and reduce the consumers’
     adoption intention amid COVID-19              resistance behavior toward online shopping.
     pandemic outbreak: A novel conceptual
     framework. Computers & Industrial

     Engineering, 172, 108646.

     This research aims to explore adoption intention towards mobile wallet (m-wallet) amid COVID-19 outbreak using
     mediated-moderation framework. This study, in its uniqueness, utilizes the stimulus-organism-response (S-O-R) theory

     as its theoretical base. The study investigated the effect of relative advantage, ease of effort, favorable infrastructure
     conditions, security considerations, and touch-free transactions on m-wallet adoption. The model includes perceived

     values as a mediator and perceived critical mass (PCM), promotional benefits (PBs) and users’ demographics as
     moderators for deeper understanding of the phenomenon.

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