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                                                              The study aims to examine the impact of mobile banking
                                                              (m-banking) application interactivity on consumer engagement.
                                                              The study also analyses the moderation effects of perceived
                                                              security concerns, consumer innovativeness, and consumer
                                                              involvement. The study employed a 2 (interactivity: high versus
                                                              low) × 2 (perceived security concern: high versus low) × 2
                                                              (consumer innovativeness: high versus low) x 2 (consumer
                                                              involvement:  high versus low)  between-subjects  experimental
                                                              design  among  376 Indian  bank  users.  The  results  indicate  that
                                                              interactivity positively impacts consumer engagement in
                                                              m-banking applications. The results also show the significant
         Shankar, A. (2021). Impact of Mobile                 moderating effects of perceived security concerns, consumer
         Banking Application Interactivity on                 innovativeness, and consumer involvement. The findings of the

         Consumer Engagement: An                              study enrich the online engagement literature by examining the
                                                              impact of interactivity on consumer engagement in the
         Experiment-Based Investigation. Journal of           m-banking context. The results of the study will help banks in
         Global Information Management (JGIM),                enhancing their m-banking application interactivity to enhance
         30(5), 1-18.                                         consumer engagement.

         The purpose of this research is to review the extant literature on
         mobile advertising systematically and to carry out a comprehensive
         analysis of research in this emerging field. Accordingly, this paper
                                                                                       Jebarajakirthy, C., Maseeh, H. I.,
         synthesises the literature on mobile advertising in terms of theories,
                                                                                       Morshed, Z., Shankar, A., Arli, D., &
         contexts, characteristics and methodology to analyse the
                                                                                       Pentecost, R. (2021). Mobile Advertising:
         development of mobile advertising research over time. The literature
         review shows that mobile advertising research has transitioned from
                                                                                       A systematic literature review and future
         text message-based SMS advertisements into internet-based
                                                                                       research agenda. International Journal
         smartphone advertising. Furthermore, based on the synthesis, we
         have developed a conceptual framework that shows the                          of Consumer Studies, 45(6), 1258-1291.
         antecedents, mediators and consequences of mobile advertising.
         Additionally, we have identified some overlooked areas and
         proposed some insightful research directions to advance this field of
         research. This review contributes to the mobile marketing literature,
         specifically to the mobile advertising literature.

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