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       IIM V Dialogues

          14 AUGUST

       Mr. Deepak Justin, CEO, Inner Circle, was the host for the first episode
       of IIM V Dialogues. He delivered an interactive talk on the topic ‘How
       to be a Rocksta’ speaker’.  In the session he spoke about the
       significance of applying the concept of regression and how it helps
       prioritize the art of differentiating oneself from others.                         Mr. Deepak Justin
                                                                                            CEO, Inner Circle


                                             Workshop on marketing for startups
                                                27 MAY
                                             IIMV-FIELD, the incubation center of Indian Institute of Management

                                             Visakhapatnamorganized a two-day workshop on ‘Marketing for
                                             Startups’. The workshop facilitator, Prof. Amit Shankar (Assistant
                                             Professor of Marketing at IIMV)discussed and described most of the
                                             aspects related to marketing solutions for ventures.

       Webinar on ‘strategies for entrepreneurship development in HEI in AP’
          21 AUGUST

       The Andhra Pradesh State Council of Higher Education, in
       collaboration with IIM V and the Atal Incubation Centre, Sri
       Krishnadevaraya University, organized a webinar on ‘Strategies for
       Entrepreneurship Development in HEIs in A.P’. The three-hour
       webinar on the eve of the World Entrepreneurs’ Day 2021 featured
       noted speakers from the three institutions. Prof.M. Chandrasekhar,
       Director, IIM Visakhapatnam, delivered the inaugural address and

       Prof. Mohammed Shameem Jawed, faculty at IIM Visakhapatnam,
       deliveredthe keynote address in the program.

       Webinar on Strategies for Entrepreneurship Development
                                     29 AUGUST

                                 IIM V hosted guest speaker Ms. Deeksha Jha, alumna of SIIB Pune for the first
                                 episode of IIM Vyakhyan. Ms. Deeksha Jha has over three years of experience in
                                 Campus Branding, Hiring & Engagement, and Business Partnering. In her talk
                                 on ‘Redefining Talent in New Normal’ Ms. Jha offered insights to students on
                                 delving deeper into the business world to make sense of the current

                                 advancements during the pandemic.

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