Page 9 - IIMV Vibes 2020_4th March 2021_Final
P. 9

COLLOQUIUM 2020, event of panel discussions’, held

        7-8 November, 2020

          IIM          Vishakhapatnam            conducted    contingencies for the post COVID-19 world; then
        ‘COLLOQUIUM 2020’,  a series of panel discussions  he appealed to them to be good citizens.
        and a keynote session on relevant topics in business
        for the young and inquisitive minds.                    On 19th December,  Anil Kumar Chaudhary,
                                                              Chairman, Steel  Authority of India Limited  was
          Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu, Member of Parliament,  invited  as  keynote  speaker  for  COLLOQUIUM.
        Rajya Sabha was invited for the keynote session. He  He gave students insights on the future of PSU. As
        has held 10 cabinet positions and is India’s Sherpa  one of the most highly regarded directors of SAIL,
        to the G7 and G20. Addressing students, he urged  Mr Chaudhary now leads a team of almost 75,000
        that they learn from the pandemic, explore more  employees of SAIL. His success story cuts across
        opportunities  and  prepare  to  deal  with  diverse  various functions and disciplines.

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