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26 September                                          26 October
          Prakriya,  The Operations Club, hosted Mr.            The Consulting Club hosted Mr. Victor Cheng,
        Umesh Joshi,  Associate Director - Perfetti  Van  Founder of, for the 25th
        Melle, India, for the 21st Episode of the Leadership  Episode of the Leadership  Talks Series. Mr.
        Talks series. The Speaker delivered an engaging talk  Cheng suggested various measures students must
        on how FMCG companies are involved in capacity  adopt for case-based interviews,  which can help
        building, logistics and supply chain innovations to  them  exhibit  their  technical  proficiency  in  an
        adapt to the ‘new normal’ market demand. He also  interview. During the initial days in a consulting
        stressed the importance of designing innovative,  firm, he advised that students focus more on core
        collaborative mechanisms and supply chain  consulting skills.  As they progressed further in
        network structure for future pandemic-proof  their career, Mr. Cheng urged that the students
        resilient and robust supply chains.                   must try and demonstrate client relationship skills.
                                                              Lastly, he recommended that students reframe
                                                              failure as good useful feedback, learn from it, and
                                                              implement those learnings in future.

        17 October
          The Finance & Economics Club hosted Mr.
        Srinivasan Kannan, Head, South – Corporate Client
        Banking & Specialized Industries, JP Morgan, for
        the 23rd Episode of the Leadership Talks series.
        Mr. Kannan explained the basics of what a bank
        is and how banks are in helping us identify and
        choose the right opportunity to buy out or sell our   18 October
        business. He gave his perspective on the difference     Prakriya,  The Operations Club, hosted Mr.
        between  Public  Sector  Banks  and  Private  Sector   Shrinivas Gondhalekar, the Director at KANZEN
        Banks.  Additionally, he provided insights on         Institute Asia Pacific Pvt Ltd, for the 24th Episode
        different verticals  of  banking  and  critical  aspects   of the Leadership  Talks series. Mr. Gondhalekar
        that distinguish them from one another. In the        explained the FMEA approach and how feedback
        end, he explained how client banking had changed      was crucial to improve a business. He stressed
        in the past five years and enlightened the students   the importance of product quality checks in cost
        on  the  differences  between  serving  a  corporate   reduction and advised the students to practice
        client and a retail client.
                                                              Kaizen to experience transformation.

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