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27 September                                         12 October
            Prakriya,  The  Finance  & Economics  Club,          IIM  Visakhapatnam  was honoured to host
          hosted Mr. Jaykumar Shah, CFO of Tata Capital        Mr. Suresh Narayanan, Chairman & Managing
          Financial Services, for the 22nd Episode of the      Director at Nestle India, for the 16th episode of
          Leadership Talks series. The Speaker provided        the  webinar  series,  Vyakhyan.  Mr.  Narayanan
          a comprehensive take on  where NBFCs are             delivered  valuable insights on ‘Leadership.’
          headed, and the  various types of Shadow             The Speaker described the 10 Cs that one must
          Banks or NBFCs. He explained general issues          imbibe to be an effective leader. He reiterated the
          like liquidity and COVID-19 pandemic that            importance of inculcating Clarity, Competence,
          have driven NBFCs towards  worry. He also            Credibility, Courage and Concentration in life.
          held forth on the benefits and disadvantages of      He stressed the significance of being Creative,
          NBFCs and what’s next for NBFCs - Cash Flow          Constraint-free and Compassionate in order
          Management,  Adoption of the Digital  World,         to be able to enjoy the real essence of success.
          and Engagement with Regulators.                      In his concluding remarks, he advised students
                                                               to be on a Continuous learning curve and find
                                                               Contentment in every small achievement.

          24 October
            Case  Conquest:  IIM  Visakhapatnam  was
          pleased  to  host  Ms.  Bijayeta  Pati,  Tomorrow
          Leaders 2020, PepsiCo, and Mr.  Ayush Goel,
          Leadership  Trainee,  GroupM,  for  the  first
          episode of the new knowledge series Case
          Conquest. The session was moderated by Prof.         18 December
          Amit Shankar.                                          The Product Management Club hosted Mr.
            The  speakers  offered  insights  on  analysing    Ashray Sudhir, Product Manager, GoJek,  who
          and forming a winning strategy for case study        enlightened  the  students  and  helped  debunk
          competitions. They started by narrating how the      myths related to product management  while
          competition journey is unique to one’s interest      suggesting ways of carving out a career in this
          and  liking.  They  also placed  the mantra of       field.
          ‘minimum content for maximum impact’ and
          said the best way to understand the market was
          by stepping into the marketplace. Additionally,
          they shared the major Do’s and Don’ts to be
          followed when preparing for competitions.

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