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          6 September                                          13 September
            The Consulting Club - IIM  Visakhapatnam             The Consulting Club hosted Mrs.  Archana
          hosted the authors of the best-selling book, Case    Venkat, Director and Head of Marketing,
          In Point, Mr. Marc Patrick Cosentino, Founder        Financial Advisory Services Company, Deloitte
          of Case Questions, and                               Touche Tohmatsu, India. The speaker engaged
            Mr. Evan Piekara Senior Manager, Change            with the students on effective career management
          Management,       Acumen      Solutions    who       for women at work. She emphasised on concepts
          addressed the students of IIM Visakhapatnam          like the Happy Hexagon Chart to track success.
          on Management Consulting Skills & Prospects.         She also discussed in detail the primary factors
                                                               that should be considered  when choosing an

          20 September                                         19 September
            Consulting MarkAdz – The Marketing Club
          -- hosted Mr. Naarayan T V, Marketing Head of          Finance  ANK  –  the  IT  &  Analytics  Club  of
          PayPal, India, in the Consumer and Business          IIM  Visakhapatnam -- hosted Mr. Gavin  Van
          segment, for the Episode 20 of the Leadership        Wyk, Data and Analytics Products & Solutions
          Talks Series. The speaker provided insights cues     Manager at  Alexander Forbes, South  Africa,
          on with regard to the basics which a brand must      as part of the Leadership  Talks.  The speaker
          get right. He explained that it is  was crucial      provided insights on modern decision-making
          for  any  brand  to  know  the audience,  their      processes and the role of analytics in deciding
          strengths and  weaknesses, and competition,          the right strategies to help businesses make
          to  help  build  the  brand’s  message  in  a  tone   appropriate decisions. Students were endowed
          which  the  audience  understands.  Also,  hHe       with a  wide understanding of decision-
          also highlighted stressed that any brand must        making dimensions and the Correspondence
          resonate with the category they stand for and        theory that establishes a relationship between
          further described the beautiful storytelling         propositions and facts.
          examples used in ads.

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