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A quarterly newsletter of IIM Visakhapatnam

                                                                                           Vol.1 |  Issue 2 | Jan - April, 2020
                                         Inauguration of first batch:
   Post Graduate Program in Digital Governance and Management (PGP-DGM)

             n  6th  January  2020,  IIM  Visakhapatnam  launched  a   The Director of the Institute, Prof. Chandrasekhar highlighted
             customized and rst-of-its-kind Post-Graduate Program   the importance of building capacities in the government and
      Oin Digital Governance and Management. This program        industry to realize the benets of digitalization. He assured
      was launched under the aegis of the National e-Governance   the audience that graduates from the program would be able
      Division  (NeGD),  Ministry  of  Electronics  &  Information   to  make  a  constructive  contribution  towards  the  digital-
      Technology (MeitY), Govt. of India (GoI).                  transformation efforts in their work domains, with use of ICTs
                                                                 gaining  greater  traction  in  pervasiveness  and  profundity,
      With  the  advent  of  digital  technologies,  businesses  and   leading to concomitant benets in service delivery.
      government alike, have placed immense faith in their value in
      achieving their goals. As organizations are looking towards   The carefully curated courses of the Program, along with the
      'transforming'  themselves  using  these  technologies,  the   international exposure will ensure that the professionals are
      Government of India, with the launch of Digital India, is actively   more  than  adequately  equipped  and  empowered  with
      facilitating  efcient  and  effective  delivery  of  products  and   knowledge and skill sets to help achieve the dream of New
      services.  Robust  implementation  of  digital  technologies   India based on digitalization. The program envisions adding
      demands  a  thorough  understanding  of  the  nuances  of  IT   signicant value and contributing to the capacity building of
      governance by its functionaries. Through this program, IIMV is   human resources in business, government, and society at
      addressing this much-felt need of capacity building.       large,  so  that  mission-mode  e-Governance  initiatives
                                                                 become more efcient and effective.
      Inaugurating  the  program,  the  MeitY  Secretary,  Shri  Ajay
      Sawhney, IAS brought out how digital transformation could
      bring about signicant changes in the quality of our work and   Inside this issue
      life  at  large.  He  shared  with  the  audience,  the  various
      applications being used by the Government of India to deliver
      services in multiple sectors like agriculture, health etc. “In the   PGPDGM Inauguration                    1
      next ve to ten years, a sea-change is expected due to advent
      of  technologies  such  as  articial  intelligence,  predictive   Corporate Guest Lecture Series/ Invited Talks      2
      analytics,  cloud-based  services,  Internet  of  Things,  and
      robotics,” said Shri Sawhney. He also shared how the good-  Management and Faculty Development Programmes  3
      governance oriented digitalization policies and instruments of   MBA Placement and Summer Internship        4
      the Government will unleash exponential progress and growth
      in the Indian economy.                                      Women Startup Programme                         6

      Participating in the programme, Meghalaya Chief Secretary   Incubation under TIDE 2.0                       6
      and former President & CEO, NeGD, Shri M.S. Rao stated,                                                     7
      “Under  the  Digital  India  programme,  NeGD  is  launching   Faculty Research & Activities
      various initiatives to create awareness and build capacities.   Research Seminar                            8
      IIM-Visakhapatnam  has  taken  the  pioneering  initiative  to
      introduce  a  long-term  course  on  digital  governance  and   Cultural Events / Sports & Others           8-9
      management,  that  will  fetch  far-reaching  benets  to  all
      stakeholders”.                                              SAC Elections                                   9
                                                                  Ekam Foundation collaborations                  9
      The rst batch of the program inducted 26 students from 10
      states including four women. Among the state governments,   Awards and Recognitions                         10
      the highest representation came from Delhi and Telangana.
      MeitY is fully sponsoring the fee of 20 candidates, selected   Impressions                                  11-20
      from the government sector.

      1  IIM Visakhapatnam
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