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               Ÿ An essay competition (at the Institute) was held during the rst week of February 2020 and the entries from
                  PGP-students were blind reviewed by the professors of IIM Visakhapatnam. Md Mukarram Hussain (PGP-
                  1) and Rukhsar Choudhary (PGP-1) bagged the rst place, Sonam Jain (PGP-1) and T Swarna Latha
                  (PGPEx) won the second place and Abinaya S (PGP-1) won the third position.                                                                                           P
               Ÿ PGP  (2019-21)  student  Somya  Sneh  and  PGP  (2018-20)  student  Debdeep  Nanda  emerged  as  the
                  national winners in MCX IPF Comquest 2020.
               Ÿ Three students of PGP 2019-21: Kanchan Krishan, Sagar Mukherjee and Vani Khurana emerged as the                                                                       R
                  national nalists in KPMG Ideation Challenge 2020.
               Ÿ The Institute's Team (“Team Matrix” - Girija Sankar Dey, Aarshee Senapati, Hilal Mohammed, Dakshita
                  Bhagat, Sachu S, Jaskirat Singh Bindra of PGP 2019-21) emerged as national nalists of UBER-Transit
                  2020.                                                                                                                                                                E
               Ÿ Two teams of the Institute [Team-1: Rupal Bhatt, Neha Abraham, Arzoo Jaiswal, Somya Sneh, Ravi Anand
                  (PGP 2019-21); and, K Bhargava (PGP 2018-20)];  and, [Team-2: Sagar Mukherjee, Girija Dey, Himanshu
                  Yadav, Arpit Purohit, Viraj Trivedi (PGP 2019-21); and, Lohit GS (PGP 2018-20)] secured rst and second                                                              S
                  place respectively in UBER Live Project.
               Ÿ Team Viking comprising Deepika Dutta (PGP 2019-21), Anubhav Chaturvedi and Baibhav Kumar Singh of
                  PGP 2018-20 emerged as runners up of Clepsydra, conducted by IIM Rohtak.                                                                                             S

               Ÿ Three PGP 2019-21 Students- Rukhsar Choudhary, Darshan Shukla and Ashutosh Kumar Singh secured
                  second position in Marketing Ace organized by IIM Rohtak.
               Ÿ PGP2019-20 student Harshit Agarwal emerged as winner in Sierra Space Quiz organized by IIM Sirmaur.

               Ÿ Itisha Tyagi, Kanav Mehra and Anoop Nair of PGP 2019-21 won the zonal level of Numero Yono Quiz
                  organized by SBI Bank and have been selected for the national nals.
               Ÿ Sagar Mukherjee, Akshay Valate and Namit Chhatbar of PGP 2019-21 secured third place in Numero
                  Yono Quiz organized by SBI Bank.
               Ÿ Girija Sankar Dey and Rukhsar Choudhary of PGP 2019-21 batch won rst place in Leaders Challenge
                  (Purvodya) organised by IIT Kharagpur.                                                                                                                              N
               Ÿ Two PGP 2019-21 students Darshan Shukla and Rukhsar Choudhary emerged as second runners up in
                  Prabhav Case Study Competition conducted by IIM Nagpur.

               Ÿ Rubhavan Moida, Anuj Suneja and Drashty Mehta of PGP 2019-21 emerged as second runners up in XLRI                                                                     S
               Ÿ Harshit Agarwal of PGP 2019-21 bagged rst place in GoCrackit Challenge 6 and Challenge 7.                               The creative hub of IIM Visakhapatnam

               Ÿ Rukhsar Choudhary of PGP 2019-21 Secured rst place in Sphinx- Article Writing competition 2020 and
                  Tales & Musings: Poetry/Sonnet Writing organised by IIM Lucknow.
               Ÿ Aryan Agarwal, Shubham Gupta and Ankur of PGP 2019-21 emerged as winners of Ranniti-Conuencia
                  conducted by IIT Roorkee.
               Ÿ Team RJ comprising Jaskrit Singh Bindra and Ruchit Soni of PGP 2019-21 bagged rst place in Get Set
                  Analyze 2020 organized by Goa Institute of Management.

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