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Research Seminar                                                                                                         Ÿ  #SeeYouAgain ( Feb 2020) - This online   Trophies were presented to the winners
                                                                                                                                                                         by  the  famous  Indian  cricketer  Mr.
                                                                                                                                   event was dedicated to bid farewell to the
                                                                                                                                   batch of 2018-20. The students relived the   Prithviraj Yarra.
                 Date       Speaker                                     Research Seminar Topic                                     blissful  and  cherishing  memories  of  the   Ÿ  YUDDHH (Jan-Feb 2020) - YUDDHH is
                 03.01.2020  Prof. M S Sriram,                          Field Research in Rural and Urban                          Institute by posting their friends' crazy and   another agship event under the Sports
                            Visiting Faculty, Public Policy             Areas: Challenges of data collection and policy            funny, single/group pictures on the social   Club,  like  IPL.  Interested  students
                            Chair, Centre for Public Policy, IIM Bangalore   implications                                          media handles of ARTquake.             participate in various events. The Admin
                                                                                                                                                                         and Faculty members too showed keen
                 28.01.2020  Prof. Prince Doliya,                       A meta-synthesis of Auditing Fair Value                                                          interest.  The  event  was  won  by  Team
                            Assistant Professor, Finance & Accounting,    Measurements (FVMs) for Systematic Review              Ÿ  S A M Y O D H A   ( J a n - Fe b   2 0 2 0 )   -   “Water  War  Lords”  and  the  runner-up
                            IIM Visakhapatnam                                                                                      SAMYODHA is a agship event in which   were  Team  “House  Dracayrs”.  A  prize
                                                                                                                                   PGP-2  competes  with  PGP-1.  This  time   money of Rs. 25,000/- was presented to
                 17.02.2020  Prof. Amit B Chakrabarti,                  Emerging market multinationals and their                   PGP  2018-20  batch  competed  with  the   the winning team by Mr. Prithviraj Yarra.
                            Assistant Professor, Corporate Strategy & Policy,   internationalization                               PGP 2019-21 batch in 12 sports events
                            IIM Visakhapatnam                                                                                      namely  Cricket,  Football,  Volleyball,
                                                                                                                                   Badminton,  Tennis,  Basketball,  Table
                 09.03.2020  Prof. Jitamitra Desai,                     Models and Algorithms in Aviation Operations               Tennis,  Chess,  Carrom  Board,  Pool,
                            Associate Professor, Decision Sciences      Research                                                   Foosball  and  Kho-Kho.  It  was  a  hard-
                            Chair, Supply Chain Management Centre                                                                  fought  contest  in  which  PGP  2019-21
                            IIM Bangalore                                                                                          emerged as winners and were presented

                                                                                                                                   with  a  trophy  in  a  felicitation  ceremony.
                                                                                                                                   Ankit and Harish from PGP 2019-21 were
                                                                                                                                   selected  as  best  sportsman  and  Sayali
       Cultural Events /Sports & Others                                                                                            and Teju from PGP 2018-20 were chosen
                                                                                                                                   as best sportswomen of the tournament.
                                                                                  Ÿ  Holi  Celebrations  (10  March  2020)  –
       Ÿ  Sankranti,  Lohri  and  Pongal  (13-14
          January 2020) - The festivals marking the                                  Holi,  the  festival  of  colours  was
          harvesting season and ending of winter                                     celebrated with zeal and zest, splashing   Elections  2020  -  Representatives  of  Placecom  (Student  Placement
          solstice  was  celebrated.  IIMV  family                                   water  and  throwing  water  balloons  at
          celebrated  the  festivals  dressed  in                                    each other, clicking pictures and dancing   Committee) and Student's Affairs Council were elected in the month of
          traditional attires and going around the lit                               to popular lmy tunes, with much fun and
          bonre, ying kites, dancing to the tunes                                  frolic.                                    February.
          of regional songs and taking pictures. As                                 The  student  cohort  of  the  Institute
          part  of  “Ek  Bharat  Shreshtha  Bharat                                  represents  true  national  character  and
          Abhiyan”, the Institute was paired with IIM                               plurality.  With  students  from  different   The Students' Affairs Council is the apex student body of the Institute and addresses all aspects of student life. The SAC acts as the primary
          Amritsar.  To  showcase  and  respect  the                                regions,  languages,  cultures,  customs     interface between the Institute administration and the student body at large and ensures a free-ow of information and communication
          rich  culture  of  Punjab,  IIMV  celebrated                              and  traditions,  there  are  always  good   between the two.  The following members were elected from the PGP 2019-21 batch:
          Lohri on 13 January 2020 and IIM Amritsar   Ÿ  Republic  Day  (26  January  2020):   opportunities to interact, learn about one
          celebrated Sankranti on 15 January 2020.  Republic  Day  was  celebrated  at  IIM   another,  share  experiences  and       1.   President         :     Bommali Govardhana Surya Sai     Student Placement Committee
                                                Visakhapatnam  and  the  national  ag   exchange information in a symbiotic way.     2.   Business Secretary   :     Kanchan Krishan                 1.  Pankhuri Agrawal
                                                was  hoisted  at  the  institute  by  the   The  Institute  fosters  the  importance  of   3.   Cultural Secretary   :    Ravi Kiran Murikipudi       2.  Jayeta Matreja
                                                Director, Prof. M Chandrasekhar, with   promoting and practicing shared values                                                                        3.  Hilal Mohammed
                                                the  faculty,  staff  and  students  of  the   and beliefs so that there is greater sense   4.   Sports Secretary    :     Harish Mohan
                                                Institute  taking  the  pledge  to  uphold   of belonging, participation and inclusion   5.   H&A Secretary     :   Mayank Goswami                    4.  Ruchita Khanna
                                                the values of the Indian Constitution in   in  the  community.  The  Institute  thus   6.   Academic Secretary   :   CH Satya Sravya                  5.  Vidyasagar
                                                letter and spirit and committing to play   celebrates diversity.                                                                                      6.  Arpit Purohit
                                                a constructive role in building a New                                                                                                                 7.  Deepika Dutta
                                                                                                                                                                                                      8.  Drashty Mehta
                                             Ÿ  Initiative  under  the  Ek  Bharat
                                                Sreshtha Bharat (28 February 2020):                                             Ekam Foundation collaborates with IIM Visakhapatnam and launches the
                                                Ofcials from the state governments of
        Ÿ  Foundation Day (17 January, 2020): The   Andhra Pradesh and Punjab attended                                          Surgery Support Programme (SSP)
           Sixth  Foundation  Day  function  of  IIM   a joint programme under EBSB, under
           Visakhapatnam  was  celebrated  with   the aegis the Andhra Pradesh Human   Ÿ  Farewell  to  PGP  2018-20  (17th  Feb   On 17 January 2020, the Foundation Day of the Institute, Ekam Foundation Mumbai started its chapter in Visakhapatnam through Vatsalya
           enthusiasm.  Ms.  Ameeta  Chatterjee,   Resource  Development  Institute   2020): The rst year PGP batch of IIMV     Club of the Institute. Ekam Foundation Mumbai is focused on its work in the area of improving child healthcare outcomes in the underprivileged
           Founder Director, Espandere Advisors Pvt   (APHRDI),  GoAP.  A  lively  interactive   hosted  a  farewell  party  for  the  second   sections of the society. Ms Ameeta Chatterjee, Director of Ekam Foundation, held a detailed session with the Vatsalya Team along with Prof. M
           Ltd.,  Managing  Trustee  of  Ekam   session  with  exchange  of  ideas  of   year PGP students, the batch of 2018-20,   Chandrasekhar, Director and Dr Bhaskar Ram, Medical Ofcer of the Institute. The Surgery Support Programme (SSP) was taen up, to begin
           Foundation Mumbai and Member on the   converging interest followed.      to bid a love and affection lled good-bye   with, which would provide affordable, immediate relief and medical intervention to critical health issues in Visakhapatnam. MOUs were signed
           Board  of  Governors  of  the  Institute,                                to them, cherishing and celebrating the      with Dr Sukumar, Medical Superintendent, Queens NRI Hospital, Visakhapatnam and further discussions are in progress with remaining
           presided over the event as the chief guest.   Ÿ  Holi ka Dahan (9 March 2020) - To   memories of their being together as close   hospitals for the same.
           The  maiden  issue  of  the  quarterly   root  out  what's  evil,  depressing  and   friends  and  allies.  It  was  a  great  party-
           newsletter  of  institute  IIMVibes  was   sorrowful;  and  welcome  new   night  that  witnessed  amazing  and       The rst case was taken up from Queen's NRI Hospital in February 2020. A patient, a girl child of 7 years from a socio-economically
           launched by her on the occasion.     beginnings  and  tidings  with  open   energetic  cultural  performances  to  DJ   disadvantaged background, was admitted in the said hospital, and was diagnosed with Infective Endocarditis with Mitral valve Vegetation
                                                arms,  marking  fresh  start,  Holi  ka   tunes,  emotional  talks,  exchange  of
                                                Dahan was celebrated with bonre and   pleasantries, fond-recall of old memories   (infection of heart valves) that needed an urgent open-heart surgery. Team Vatsalya, in coordination with Dr Bhaskar Ram coordinated, helped
                                                puja by the students of the Institute. It   and  incidents,  heartfelt  thanks  to  one   and facilitated completion of the process in a very short span of time, and nancial assistance of Rs.1.0 lakh required for the surgery was
                                                was a delightful evening well spent and   another  and  commitments  of  mutual   sanctioned promptly by the Ekam Foundation Mumbai. The child underwent the surgery successfully and was discharged in a stable condition
                                                enjoyed by the students.                                                         on 19 February 2020.

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