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Management Development Program (MDP) for Hindustan Shipyard Ltd (HSL) Ofcers                                              Key Highlights
       Management Development Program (MDP) for ofcers of Hindustan
       Shipyard Ltd (HSL) was organized in the campus of the Institute during                                                                                                                       100                            1
       March  9-13,  2020.  The  program  provided  the  ofcers  a  capsule  of                                                     ` 27 LAKH     HIGHEST SALARY
       essential  aspects  of  management  techniques  needed  to  develop                                                        ` 18.67 LAKH     SALARY OF TOP 25%                             Total students
       leadership  capacities  towards  gaining  greater  appreciation  for                                                                                                                       eligible for                    Opted
       management principles and practices and leveraging them towards                                                           ` 15.73 LAKH      SALARY OF TOP 50%                             placements                        Out
       better  communication,  motivation  and  mentoring.  25  ofcers  from
       different divisions of the Company participated in this Program.                                                           ` 13.08 LAKH      AVERAGE SALARY                                                  92
       The MDP was designed to blend the practical exposure of the ofcers                                                           ` 12 LAKH      MEDIAN SALARY                                              Offers through
       with academic knowledge. It had a mix of topics ranging from Effective                                                                75                                                                nal placement
       Leadership, Digital Marketing, Corporate Strategies, Innovation and                                                                         TOTAL PARTICIPATING                                            process
       New  Product  Development,  Operations,  Finance,  Supply  Chain                                                                      40     NEW RECRUITERS
       Management, Big Data Analytics and Project Management, among                                                                                                                                                               108
       others.  Workshops  were  conducted  for  Communication  Skills                                                                   22.7%      INCREASE IN HIGHEST SALARY                      16
       enhancement, Time and Stress Management, Inter-personal Relations                                                                  9.4%                                                                                Total number of
       and Conict Management.                                                                                                                      INCREASE IN SALARY OF TOP QUARTILE            PPI / PPO                       offers
                                                                                                                                              3                                                    offered
       Rear Admiral L V Sarat Babu, NM, Chairman and Managing Director of the company graced the occasion as an inaugural speaker. He               FOLD INCREASE IN PPI /PPO OFFERED
       emphasized the importance of commitment, integrity and ethics for a successful leader, who can then catapult the organization to great   100  STUDENTS PLACED
       heights. Cmde Hemant Khatri, Director (Strategic Projects) and CMD-designate of the company delivered the valedictory speech. He touched
       upon  how  the  Indian  culture,  ethos,  traditional  knowledge  and  management  principles  in  our  Vedas,  Upanishads  that  teach  effective
       leadership how such traits are essential for organization, industry and nation building at large.                        Placement Statistics                                      SECTOR-WISE BREAKUP
                                                                                                                                FUNCTION / ROLE WISE BREAKUP
      IIMV  Concludes  Placements  with  100%  Success!  Scales  New  Peak  in                                                                                                              6%
      Salary Packages!!                                                                                                                                                                      6%
       Successful completion for the nal placements for the graduating batch PGP 2018-20. The highest package offered was Rs 27 lakhs and                                                 4%
       the average package of the batch stood at Rs13.08 lakhs.
                                                             Overview                                                                                                                      3%
                                                              The Institute lived up to its reputation of being a top-notch business
                                                              school  in  the  country  and  completed  its  nal  placements  with  a                                                    2%
                                                              perfect century, yet again, for the graduating batch of its agship PGP                                                     2%
                                                              (MBA) Program (2018-20).   Beating the seasonal headwinds   and                                                             2%
                                                              building on the successful record of the past, the Institute's students
                                                              not only bagged niche roles with industry leaders, but also went a
                                                              step  further  to  create  new  records  in  the  rich-prole  roles  and
                                                              packages  won.  The  unmatched  strengths  of  the  Institute  and  its
                                                              students were thus in full display, yet again!
                                                              IIM Visakhapatnam has always valued all of its recruiters and has                                                           Blue-chip Central Public Sector Enterprises IOCL signed up students
                                                              been  grateful  for  the  opportunities  that  they  have  provided  our   PGP  batch  of  2019-21  also  witnessed  100%  Summer  Internship   for marketing domain. Rashtriya e-Market Services, a unique. Unied
                                                              students. We are very proud of the relationship that we share with our   Placements.  The  batch  received  offers  with  the  highest  stipend   Market Platform of the Government of Karnataka for the benet of
                                                              esteemed recruiters and work regularly towards building on it year by   clocking Rs. 2.0 lakh. The average stipend of the top 10% is Rs.   farmers and commodity traders in the state, is a new recruiter that
                                                              year. This year also has been no different. Not only did we manage to   1,25,500 and for the entire batch, Rs. 51,726.
                                                              bring in more recruiters than last year., but we also expanded our                                                          hired our students to work on analytics of digitalised supply chain
                                                                                                                                                                                          solutions, Fujitsu, Big Basket, V-Guard, Basix and Decathlon are the
                                                              portfolio in terms of the roles being offered to our students.     Sector-wise  spread  of  the  offers  are  as  follows:  BFSI  (28%),
                                                                                                                                 Consulting (9%), Conglomerate (5%), IT/ITES (25%), E-commerce   other  popular,  household  names  with  high  recall  that  offered
         Held on a rolling basis, the placement season witnessed more than 75 companies participating in the process and making multiple offers.   (6%), Fintech (3%), Telecom (5%), Logistics 91%), Transportation   challenging roles to our students in HR, Sales & Marketing, Market
                                                                                                                                                                                          Research, General Management etc.
         Amazon, BrowerStack, Crompton, Delivery, Franklin Templeton, GMR Group, HDFC Bank, ICICI Lombard, KPMG, Mphasis, Mu Sigma,   (1%), Automobile (1%).
         Raam Group, The Quarry, TVS Motors, Ultratech, Wipro – counted among the who's who of the corporate world, were the prime recruiters.
         Firms like Infosys, FITJEE, and Amara Raja also participated in the process.                                            Dominant roles offered were in the areas of Sales & Marketing (50%),
                                                                                                                                 Strategy & Advisory (10%), Finance (15%), General Management
         The  majority  of  the  roles  which  offered  to  the  students  were  from  the  IT/ITES  sectors  included  education  and  technology  (6%),   (4%),  Product  Management  (9%),  Analytics  (4%),  HR  (%),
         infrastructure (6%), manufacturing (6%), logistics (5%), automobile (4%), conglomerate (3%), hospitality (3%), consulting (3%). Luxury   Operations (3%) & Project Management (3%).
         goods (2%), FMCG (2%), e-commerce (2%), pharmaceuticals (1%), media and advertising (1%). Looking at the function-wise break-up,
         the eld that dominated was sales and marketing accounting for 40% of the total roles, followed by operations (17%), strategy (9%),   Leading consulting rm Deloitte recruited students for their Advisory
         nance (9%), consulting (8%) and analytics (7%).                                                                        role. The who's who of the BFSI Sector such as HDFC Bank, Yes
                                                                                                                                 Bank,  ICICI  Lombard,  Aditya  Birla  Capital,  Bajaj  Capital,  and  AU
         The continued trust and condence reposed in the students of the Institute resulted in several top-notch recruiters hiring this year too.   Small  Finance  Bank  &  SIDBI  offered  roles  across  Finance,
         Amazon recruited the students for Operations Management, KPMG for Strategy & Advisory role, while Franklin Templeton and GMR   Investment  Banking,  Customer  Relationship  Management,
         extended offers for their Management Trainee programs. ICICI Prudential recruited for roles in digital marketing and Click Labs in General   Wholesale  Marketing.  Underwriting  and  Business  Development.
         Management. The season also witnessed participation from companies from high-growth sectors like Hospitality, Infrastructure, Luxury   Multinational conglomerate Bosch, L&T & Adani Group offered roles
         goods & e-Commerce.                                                                                                     in  General  Management,  Sales,  Marketing,  HR  and  Product
                                                                                                                                 Management. OPPO Mobiles offered roles in the areas of Payments
                                                                                                                                 and Product Development.

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