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                                               DAY 2

                                                  24 JANUARY, PANEL DISCUSSION 1
                                                The second panel discussion was on the topic “Retail Hyperlocal
                                                transformation in India”. The esteemed panelists who graced this
                                                event were: Mr. Ashish Kumar, Co-Founder & CEO, NearStore; Mr.
                                                Karthik Gurumurthy, Vice President Grocery (Instamart) at Swiggy;
                                                Mr.  Sarabjeet  Matharu,  Retail  Innovation,  Bridgestone  India;  Mr.
                                                Lokesh  Natoo,  Director  OofOperations  at  21North  Europ
                                                Assistance.  The  panel  was  moderated  by  Prof.  Aalok  Kumar,
                                                Production & Operations Management area, IIM Visakhapatnam.
                                                The  discussion  shed  light  on  organizing  hyperlocal  format,  the
                                                existing difficulties in its cost structure and omnichannel solution
                                                for extending the hyperlocal model to rural India.

       During  the  second  keynote  session  of  VRIDDHI  2.0,  Shams

       Jasani  (Group  Managing  Director,  South  Asia,  Isobar),  in
       conversation  with  Smt.  Malavika  R  Harita  (Founder  and  CEO,
       Brand circle; Ex-CEO Saatchi & Saatchi Focus Network, India)
       threw light on ‘New Age Marketing’ and enumerated how digital
       transformation  impacts  brand  marketing  and  business;  and

       what  the  future  holds.  Mr.  Jasani  shared  his  personal
       experiences on handling situations with a positive attitude, the
       importance of resilience and flexibility. He cited an example of
       how data is the new oil, explaining augmented reality is vast
       and transformational for any organization.

       COLLOQUIM 2.0

          28 FEBRUARY

       IIM  Visakhapatnam  hosted  the  second  edition  of  its  Panel
       discussion series Colloquium 2.0 – a series of panel discussions &
       keynote sessions on relevant topics in business for the young and
       inquisitive  minds.  The  topic  for  the  session  was  ‘Incorporating
       both AI & EI in Business’. Our esteemed speakers were Mr. Umesh

       Hota, President, HR at UltraTech Cement, Aditya Birla Group; Mr.
       Mayur  Umdekar,  Co-Founder,  Diffr,  Ex-  Bira,  Samsung;  Mr.     The  students  of  IIM  Visakhapatnam
       Mayank Sharma, Co-founder, Diffr, Former HR Manager at Asian        and various other Institutions showed
       Paints  &  Reliance;  Mr.  Chitbhanu  Nagri,  Senior  Vice  President,   great  enthusiasm  during  the  panel
       People Operations, Razorpay; and Mr. Subbarao CVRK, VP and          discussion.  The  discussions  were
       Global Head HR, ARKIN a Global People Advisory.                     made  highly  interactive  through  Q&A

       The session was moderated by Mr. Abhishek Jain - Management  session  between  the  panelists  and
       Consultant at Capgemini Invent                                      students.

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