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      VRIDDHI 2.0

          23 & 24 JANUARY
       IIM Visakhapatnam hosted its flagship Annual

       Business Conclave ‘VRIDDHI’— an innovative
       and  synergetic  platform  endeavoring  to
       strengthen  the  learnings  of  the  students  and
       aiming  to  bridge  the  gap  between  academia
       and  industry  requirements,  on  23  and  24

       January 2021.
       This event brought together industry’s best minds to a single platform to foster innovation and excellence

       pertinent  to  the  Indian  and  global  context.  The  theme  of  this  Conclave  was  “Re-Igniting  Business:
       Innovative, Inclusive and Invincible”. Two panel discussions and two keynote sessions were conducted as
       part of this event.

                                                DAY 1

                                                  23 JANUARY, PANEL DISCUSSION 1
                                                The first panel discussion was on the topic “Thriving the tides of the

                                                uncertain  markets,  a  FINSTRAT  perspective”.  The  esteemed
                                                panelists  who  graced  the  event  were:  Mr.  Varun  Dhingra,  CEO,
                                                Renous Consulting; Mr. Rambhushan Kanumuri, Chief Strategy &
                                                Operating Officer, Investec India; and Dr. Saswata Sahoo, Director,
                                                Data Science, Gartner. The panel was moderated by Prof. Utkarsh
                                                Majmudar,  Author  &  Visiting  Faculty,  IIM  Visakhapatnam.  The

                                                panelists  accentuated  the  need  to  implement  adaptability  and
                                                agility in the business.

       The veterans from the industry interacted and reflected on the tussle between acquirer and target company
       on the dynamics of under/overvaluation, the 360-degree perspective on how to respond to the uncertainties
       and shifts taking place in executive mindset from cost efficiencies to experimentation and innovation.


       Ms. Lakshmi Iyer, President CIO-Debt & Head-Products, Kotak Mahin-
       dra Asset Management Co., delivered a keynote on ‘Changing tides of
       Financial  world  –  A  rewarding  career  for  women  to  grow’.  In  her
       session, she spoke about 360-degree changes in the financial business
       landscape in the past months and emphasized that only technology
       enabled organizations could sail through and adapt to recent changes.

       Ms. Iyer concluded by recommending the audience to focus more on
       women working in the middle levels and beyond.

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