Page 15 - IIMV Vibes 2020_4th March 2021_Final
P. 15

“It  was  a  very  enriching  and  immersive
              experience. The last six days were charged
              with plethora of information from the fields
              of  management.  My  sincere  gratitude  to
              the faculty of IIM Visakhapatnam for having
              given me this opportunity to learn from the
              brilliant faculty members.”                             J. Shyam Swaroop
                                                                Dy. General Manager (LPG–Strategies)
                                                                    Marketing Head Office
                                                                   Indian Oil Corporation Ltd

                                                                    “Thank  you  very  much  for  giving  insight
                                                                    into  leadership  and  the  traits  of  good
                                                                    leader  to  make  them  SAKSHAM  for  their
                                                                    future endeavours. I felt as if I was back in
                                                                    a  college  classroom  after  about  21  years,
                                                                    when I completed my M.E. from University
                                                                    of  Roorkee.  Once  again,  a  big  thank  you
                                                                    to Prof. Amit Chakrabarti & Prof. Bishakha
                                                                    Majumdar and the esteemed faculty of IIMV.
                                         Avinash Verma              Looking forward to more such workshops.”
                                     Chief Manager (LPG-Engg),
                                         Marketing HO

                “Prof. Amit Chakrabarti & Prof. Bishakha
             Majumdar  were  really  instrumental  in
             making  this  program  a  great  learning
             experience. I was actually very apprehensive
             in the beginning of this program only due to
             its virtual mode. But your team of esteemed
             professors of IIMV really helped provide a
             great learning experience for us.                      Sandeep Kumar Bhatia
                          Thanks once again.”                   Dy. General Manager (Engineering),
                                                                       Marketing HO
                                                                   Indian Oil Corporation Ltd

                                                                   “Thank you very much IIM-V and Indian Oil
                                                                   for giving me the opportunity to participate
                                                                   in this prestigious learning program. I will
                                                                   definitely  strive  to  put  the  learnings  to
                                                                   practical  use  and  showcase  the  same  in
                                                                   coming days.
                                         Chetan Patwari                       Thanks once again.”
                                       Chief Plant Manager
                                      Pune LPG Bottling Plant
                                     Indian Oil Corporation Ltd

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