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About PhD Programme

PhD Programme, is the doctoral programme of the Indian Institute of Management Visakhapatnam (IIMV). Under the mentorship and guidance of Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB), the acknowledged leader in management education, the Institute is launching this programme leading to the award of the degree of ‘Doctor of Philosophy’ (Ph.D.).

PhD programme aims primarily at training prospective scholars who will excel in their chosen areas of research through high-quality publications. This programme would also groom the individuals to be highly skilled to teach various aspects of management.

The normal duration of the programme is five years, comprising two years of course work, a comprehensive examination and thesis work consisting of a thesis proposal defence; and, a final thesis evaluation and defence.

Collaboration between faculty members and students is the hallmark of PhD Programme. The cohort of faculty members at IIMV, recruited under the mentorship of IIMB, has proven track record in research of international standards. This provides a conducive environment to prospective scholars to find research topics from a rich and diverse bouquet of management themes.

IIMV reflects true national character. On the strength of its infrastructural resources and institutional processes (academic and administrative), the Institute attracts faculty and students from across the country. The Institute’s faculty practise robust teaching-learning processes and contribute to fruitful learning outcomes.

IIMV, encourages prospective scholars with a passion for research, to apply to this programme. The Institute is positive that its doctoral degree holders will make a positive and profound impact in their chosen field of career, be it in government, business or academia.

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