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As an addition to its much sought-after MBA Programme, IIM Visakhapatnam (IIMV) has launched Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Business Management for Experienced Professionals (PGCEP) on October 6th 2018. This is in alignment with the Institute's goal of catering to the industry in the region with a vision towards creating knowledge and resources comparable in excellence on a global scale. The PGCEP thus caters to the large population of professionals in and around Visakhapatnam, aspiring to pursue management education of high quality. The Programme aims at advancing their learning and supporting their contribution as successful managers and entrepreneurs.

Objectives of the Programme
The overarching goal of the Programme is to help the participants enhance their managerial competencies and leadership skills for professional growth and development; and through that advanced learning, contribute more effectively to their organizations.

The specific objectives of the Program are to help the participants:
(a) Understand the demands and challenges of modern business organizations;
(b) Enhance their knowledge in functional management domains;
(c) Sharpen their skills in diagnostic, analytical and decision-making tools and techniques;
(d) Contribute to their organizational development with greater competence and confidence.

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