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IIMV has been conducting several major Programs like Two-Year Post-Graduate Program in Management, Two-year Post-Graduate Program for Executives (PGPEx, equivalent to MBA), Two-Year Post-Graduate Program in Digital Governance and Management (equivalent to MBA), Fellow Program in Management (equivalent to Ph.D.). In the past, IIMV conducted several Faculty Development Programs (FDPs), Management Development Programs and TEQIP Programs. However, the ongoing pandemic presented an opportunity to design an online Program for the faculty members, research scholars, who wish to hone their teaching, research, analytical and basic computational skills required both for research and academics.

Online FDP on Advanced Multivariant Data Analytics: Moderation and Mediation Analysis using AMOS & Process Macro.

October 18 - 22, 2021

Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) is a statistical methodology that is widely used in social sciences research (especially marketing, organizational behavior, human resource management, psychology, behavioral finance, and behavioral economics). SEM models are so general that they encompass most of the statistical methods that are currently used in the social and behavioral sciences. SEM allows a researcher to test complex models with multiple pathways, model latent variables with multiple indicators, investigate mediation and moderation in a systematic way and adjust for measurement error in predictor variables. This workshop shall provide the participants a descriptive theoretical and practical knowledge to SEM, moderation, and mediation. AMOS, and Process macro will be used to learn all the statistical technique, which is uniqueness of the FDP.

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