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A quarterly newsletter of IIM Visakhapatnam

                                                                                            Vol.1,  Issue 1, Sept.- Dec. 2019

           Director’s  Message                            About IIM Visakhapatnam
                                                          Indian  Institute  of  Management  Visakhapatnam  (IIMV)  belongs  to  the
                                                          prestigious IIM family of business schools. It is a new generation IIM, set up
                                                          by the Government of India in September 2015. Under the Indian Institutes of
                                                          Management  Act  2017,  IIM  Visakhapatnam  is  an  Institution  of  National
                                                          Importance,  empowered  to  attain  standards  of  global  excellence  in
                                                          management,  management  research  and  allied  areas  of  knowledge.  IIM
                                                          Visakhapatnam is located in its temporary, but state-of-the-art facility in the
                                                          salubrious Andhra University campus in the 'City of Destiny', Visakhapatnam.
                                                          The Institute has begun the process for building a permanent, full-edged,
                                                          word-class campus on approx. 230 acres of land in the (relative) vicinity of the
                                                          upcoming  green-eld  international  airport,  about  25  kilometres  from  the
                    Prof. M Chandrasekhar                 present (temporary/transit) campus. The rst phase of the new facility is
                   Director, IIM Visakhapatnam            expected to be functional by 2021.
                                                          The current campus of the Institute is modern and well-equipped with world-
           am  happy  that  the  Institute  is  coming  out  with  this    class  lecture  theatres,  knowledge  resources,  teaching-learning  aids  and
         quarterly  News-Letter,  IIM(V)ibes,  to  carry  important   facilities conducive to technology-enabled knowledge-pursuit. With about
       Iand  interesting  activities  and  events,  achievements   260 students from about 20 states and union territories of India, and full-time
       and  accomplishments,  anecdotes  and  experiences,   faculty (21 as on date) from about 12 states of India, the Institute reects a
       articles and analyses, columns and composition, case-  truly national character.
       lets  and  commentaries,  essays  and  experiences,
       interviews and innovations, pictures and photos, prose
       and poetry, reports and reviews.... in fact anything, of, by   Firsts & Distinctions
       or about any member of the IIM Visakhapatnam family   The Institute has several other rsts and distinctive accomplishments to its
       that's  reason  enough  for  celebration  and  makes  the   credit among its generation of public institutions engaged in management
       Institute proud.
                                                          education such as:
       I invite the Institute's family to come forward actively and   î  World-class  infrastructure  conducive  to  teaching-learning
       contribute  material  to  the  News-Letter.  Let  the     outcomes of high impact.
       imagination, inspiration, inquisitiveness, initiative, inputs,
       ideas  and  insights  of  IIMV'ites  make  the  IIM(V)ibes  an   î  Top  performance  in  placements  in  volume  and  value  of  salary
       engaging, exciting, enjoyable and enriching read!         packages for the graduating students.
                                                              î  Largest cohort of faculty on rolls, from IITs, IIMs and/or from reputed
       I compliment Anuradha and Chandreie, the members of       foreign universities with impressive academic and rich credentials
       Editorial  Team,  for  coming  forward  to  bring  out  this   and rich experience.
       publication.  I  thank  all  the  members  of  the  Institute's
       family, who supported the initiative and/or contributed to   î  Incubating the ideas of 25 aspiring women-entrepreneurs (the 2nd
       this publication taking shape in its maiden avatar.       largest mentored cohort after IIM Bangalore), providing knowledge-
                                                                 transfer, hand-holding support and infrastructure facilities, helping
       Let  this  endeavour  too  join  our  other  initiatives  in   them to advance their ideas from concept to commercialization,
       enhancing even further, the Institute's image and identity;   under the aegis of the Women Start-up Program of IIM Bangalore
       visibility and vibrancy; prestige and popularity.         (Mentor Institute).
                                                              î  A  Technology  Incubation  &  Development  of  Entrepreneurship
       Contents                                                  (TIDE  2.0)  under  MeitY  Start-Up  Hub  (MSH)  of  Ministry  of
                                                                 Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), GOI.
        About IIM Visakhapatnam                   1
        Firsts & Distinctions                     1       The Institute is conducting the following programs:
        Conferences                               2
                                                             a.  A  two-year  agship  Post-Graduate  Programme  (MBA)  for  the
        Corporate Guest Lecture Series / Invited Talks   3
                                                                 students admitted through the all-India Common Admission Test of
        Workshops / Research Seminars             4
        Faculty Development Programmes            4
                                                             b.  A  two-year  Post-Graduate  Program  (MBA)  for  Experienced
        Conclaves                                 4
                                                                 Professionals  (PGPEx)  for  management-education  aspirants
        International Immersion Programmes        5
                                                                 located in and around Visakhapatnam (weekend programme).
        Initiation of Public Speaking and Literary Society   5
        Faculty Research & Activities             5          c.  An 18-month Post-Graduate Program (MBA) in Digital Governance
        Cultural Events & Others                  6              & Management for Civil Servants (Central/State), CPSE Executives
        Awards and Recognitions                   6              and Experienced Corporate Sector professionals (blended learning
        Visitors @ IIM-V                          7              mode),  under  the  aegis  of  the  National  e-Governance  Division
        Upcoming Events                           7              (NeGD), MeitY, Govt. of India.
        IIMV in Media                             8
                                                             d.  A PhD Programme in Management.

  8888                                                      2                                                        1
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