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About International Relations Office

Indian Institute of Management Visakhapatnam (IIMV) belongs to the prestigious IIM family of business schools. It is a new generation IIM, set up by the Government of India in September 2015. The Indian Institutes of Management Act 2017 by the Government of India declares IIMs as Institutions of National Importance, empowered to attain standards of global excellence in management, management research and allied areas of knowledge.

The Institute looks forward to attaining standards of global excellence as enshrined in the IIM Act, through its high-quality academic, research, consulting and capacity building initiatives, winning and sustaining in the process, the trust and confidence of students, parents, faculty, business, government and Society. The IIM Act delineates several goals as the objects of the Institute. Among them, the following goal stands out in the context of International Relations:

  • To co-operate and collaborate with educational or management institutions in other countries to extend the interests of management education and research.

Considering our mandate as stated above, we believe that our engagement with the International Community of Business Scholars, Practitioners and Students is essential to deliver on our stated goals in a more meaningful way. Additionally, some of the immediate benefits that we can foresee for our partners and us are as follows:

  • These collaborations will enable us to bring more structure and rigour to our curriculum. We hope to exchange resources with our partner institutions to develop a world-class management education.
  • As one of the fastest-growing economies in the World, the Indian context is today the focus of many research studies. Through International Relations, we aim to open up avenues for collaboration in research among IIMV faculty and researchers from the International community.
  • Being a new institute, IIMV aspires to forge a partnership with leading businesses and business schools worldwide. These global partnerships would open up new opportunities for us in co-teaching, student exchange, research collaboration, and exchanging ideas from across the World.
  • These International Collaborations will also open up opportunities for our students to participate in Global events organized by student organizations of sister institutions across the World.
  • Through the International Collaborations, we aim to showcase the achievements of our Institute and the local culture among the Global community. At the same time, we aspire to learn some of the best practices from around the World. By benchmarking ourselves with the best in the World, we hope to contribute in a meaningful way to our community.


Business Planning In International Markets Course

Indian Institute of Management, Visakhapatnam provides students with an opportunity to experience global education and international culture through the International Relations Office. The course 'Business Planning in International Markets' has been designed to help students understand the various aspects of operating a business in a foreign market. As a part of this course, students visit a foreign country and interact with the top management of reputed companies. Since the program began, students visited China, Japan, Singapore, Srilanka, and Dubai.

China Visit
Japan Visit
Srilanka Visit


National University of Singapore

National Institute of Business Management, Srilanka


International Relations Office
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