On 1st Aug 2021, Some of the IIMVFIELD incubated startups got an opportunity to meet Prof Suresh Bhagavatula of IIM Bangalore. Prof Suresh is the Director of Women Startup Program at NSRCEL. Founders of Startups - Ms Aruna Gali (School Radio), Ms Priyanka Achhpeliya (Aasmaan), Ms Harshita Lalchand (All is Well), Ms Latha Sabbam (Cocoabuzzz) and Ms Priyanka Tayi (Kula Studio) have shared their journey so far and the support received from IIMVFIELD and NSRCEL in the development of their businesses.
These startups are based out of Visakhapatnam and are working in different sectors. Prof M Shameem Jawed (COO & Director - IIMVFIELD) & Mr Harsha Vikas Dhanalakota (Resident Mentor to Startups at IIMV) have also joined the session.