IIM Visakhapatnam (17th December 2017): EXORDIA’17, The Annual Entrepreneurship summit of IIM Visakhapatnam was held at The Park Hotel. This summit was held with the motive of connecting the budding entrepreneurs across the nation and encouraging the innovative ideas from the student community. The 2-day event began with successful entrepreneurs sharing their journeys. Speaking about his entrepreneurial journey, Arun Kumar, CEO and Founder, Xenture Technologies Pvt. Ltd. stressed on the importance of translating an idea into action and how essential it is to start somewhere to break the initial inertia while beginning a journey. Avinash Jhangiani, Founder & CEO, Play2Transform spoke about the importance of transforming from working seriously to playing seriously with a child-like creativity. In an engaging & interactive session, he talked about the rapidly changing trends & how design thinking is going to revolutionize the world.

Avinashi Sharan, Founder & CEO, Cinique Education captured the audience with his bustling energy & his entrepreneurial journey. He assured that it is “ok to be confused” and urged to follow the passion despite the societal pressure & break the myths on their way to winning. Saarthak Bakshi, CEO, International Fertility Centre (IFC) and one among the Forbes 30 under 30 CEOs, while giving his story as a testimonial, encouraged the audience to fail more than to stay in a shell and also offered to be an angel investor to the budding entrepreneurs of IIM V.

Following the enchanting speeches, Quizzich, a flagship quizzing event of Entrepreneurial Passion and Innovation Club, IIMV was held. 'Sell your idea in 60 seconds', a sales pitch event attracted the enthusiastic participation of the students who came up with innovative pitches & impressed the judges.

On the second day held at The Park hotel, the expert talk kept the ball rolling. TD Chandrasekhar, CIO, Bennett Coleman and Co. Ltd. (Times group) spoke about how the world around is turning digital, and how empathy is essential in this changing world. He emphasized on smart minds and a big heart. Mr. Chandrashekhar reminded the audience that it is necessary to be more human than ever before.

Hrishikesh Kulkarni, Director, Product management, Fresh Desk speaking about first 100 days of entrepreneurial journey, explained how an entrepreneur is always worried about raising capital and is busier than the business. Mr. Hrishikesh proposed a framework – OTTT (One objective, Three key results, Three-week reviews, Tenth-week move next stage or pivot.) which would be handy to give the start-up a head start & see through the first hundred days of it.

Mohammed Sirajuddin, Director, explained why crowdfunding is an encouraging idea and could be harnessed by the budding entrepreneurs. Mentioning other than monetary benefits, he spoke of the marketing buzz crowdfunding creates and how the flow of funds pulls in more money as it validates the idea proposed. He gently cautioned the audience that crowdfunding demands the dedication and fervent passion as it might take a certain period to happen. He also spoke about the importance of creating the awareness among the public to take crowdfunding to the next level.

Following the expert talk, “The B-Plan competition,” the flagship contest of EXORDIA kick-started where 5 top teams battled in the war field with the innovative ideas. The diverse and distinct ideas proposed included an All Terrain Vehicle, Customized Niche & Semi stitched apparel, The Cafie Store, delicious homemade food app and ad-spot search engine. The participants captured the attention of the audience and received some valuable insights from the judges.

It also provided as a platform for three entrepreneurs of Visakhapatnam to speak about their ideas and increase the visibility for their firms. The event had an active participation from the students of GITAM University, MVGR college of engineering and IIM Visakhapatnam.